Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm not convinced. It's been quite warm here, over 70 during the day, and not cooling off enough at night. Now don't get me wrong. I love summer. I think fall is my favorite season though. I love the cool nights, hauling out the jeans and cozy sweaters, the beautiful changing colors, putting that dreaded bathing suit away. Not quite yet I guess, it's still looking quite summery here.

The yard is so beautiful yet. I know it won't be long (the weather is hinting at much cooler temps next week) and everything will start dying off, so I am enjoying it while I can. There are just a few hints here and there that the cooler weather is on the way. I'm enjoying watching those emerge too.

Finally I have a picture of the start of my new sweater. Maybe I will be close to finishing by the time I can bear to wear it.

I still have a long way to go, but I have to finish a few other things before I can fully concentrate on it. I love the colors and I'm praying it fits. It's so hard to try it on and get a true idea of how it will look on me. At least it works up quickly, so if I have to rip (heaven forbid!), it shouldn't take long to redo.
My knitting time was recently dominated by this:

I recently designed a sock exclusively for the Woolgirl Sock Club. The theme was ladybugs, hence the Fly Away Home Socks were born. These were really fun to knit and design. There is a gorgeous pair here on Ravelry. Woolgirl included some extra contrasting heel and toe yarn, and they look absolutely darling made that way! If you haven't checked out Woolgirl, it's a great place to get your yarnie fixes!
Coming soon, 2 new patterns!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer Lady Sweater

I have been trying to finish up a few things around here, along with starting a couple of new projects. I recently finished a February Lady Sweater (Ravelry link) and finally got around to taking a picture.

I like wearing it, but I am not completely happy with the button band. The buttons are heavy and tend to drag on the band, making it look a little uneven at times. I might try to reinforce it in some way or maybe I will have to find lighter buttons. However, I would like to keep these because they are brown and black which gives me a lot of versatility as far as what I wear with it. In the meantime I will wear it and enjoy a finished knitting project!
I've been spinning a little too. I just finished a bobbin of All Spun Up fiber.

It's 4 oz of Merino/Silk/Bamboo. I was going to try navajo plying, but I'm not sure that I dare. I did a practice skein of n-ply today, and let's put it this way, it wasn't my best work. Maybe I will wind off 1/2 of it into a center pull ball and go for a 2-ply. Hey, I'm not too proud to take the chicken out route.
Next on the agenda is working on the Briar Rose sweater some more, working on a pattern due in October, learning to use my little loom, cleaning the craft room, cataloging all my yarn, and finishing a pair of socks for myself. A little too ambitious? Maybe. ;)