Saturday, June 30, 2007

Racing around

I was thinking that summer would be this wonderful time to relax. No school or school activities, kids home to help me get things done. Um, that is not working out so well for me. I think I am just as busy, or maybe more so. I have been running The Sporty One back and forth to driver's training for the past 3 weeks, packing for camping, working on a way-bigger-than-I-thought-it-was-going-to-be committee and cleaning up after 3 kids. What was I thinking. I just want to be laying in the sun by a pool with a margarita!
This is the only thing I have finished this week. One of my "neutral" socks. I did work a little more on the lace stole too, but I am still not nearly finished.

We are leaving today for camping. A whole week up north. We are going to Traverse City with some friends and staying at the state park. The Cherry Festival will also be going on, so we should have lots of fun.

The trailer is almost packed and we should be leaving in a couple of hours. The only drawback is I will have NO COMPUTER ACCESS when we are gone (breathe, Lisa, breathe). I can handle it I think. I have packed lots of good knitty stuff to keep me busy, just in case.

That's one pile. Some good books, graph paper (in case a design hits me lol), my current "neutral" projects, some sock yarn for the girls etc.

Oh yeah, I brought this basket too. Stuff for slippers, socks, dishcloths, a whole CONE of Zephyr! Yupp, I am ready!

Thanks for all your great comments about the neutral projects and whether or not you rip your "eh" stuff. I am bringing the pink sweater along with me, just in case I decide I still like it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Too neutral?

I was looking at my knitting projects yesterday and I noticed how totally neutral they are right now. White stole, cream socks, light gray yarn out for mystery stole. How totally neutral is that!
Actually it's kind of comforting somehow. Clean colors, not busy (like my life lol), and things I would wear.

I am very curious about neutral feelings towards knitting projects. Is there such a thing as being "too neutral" towards a project? I am decidedly neutral about the pink sweater. If I don't feel excitement for it, should I actually finish it? When should we just rip? Should we mostly love a project in order to finish it? Should I feel guilty if I rip it? Hmmm....something to ponder. Let me know what you all think. What do you do with your "eh" projects?

In NOT neutral news. I picked up a bargain at the thrift store last week.

I got 4 skeins of this Lopi yarn for 50c each. I am thinking some slippers are in it's future. I love the crazy color, especially if maybe I put some PINK with it? Oh I love preppy colors. I also got this book. There is a really cute pair of slippers in there. I may have to try them for DD#1.

Brodie's being a dork.

What a life!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't fall over!

Don't faint either. I have another FO! I finished mom's Monkey socks! I tried them on for her. They should fit her great (because they're too small for me).

My my, she has some little feet. Size 6 1/2 or 7. Nowdays, that is small. Around our area the average foot size for women is between an 8 1/2 and a 10. I think people are getting bigger. Maybe it's the hormones in our food or something. The Sporty One is only going into 10th grade and she already has a couple of girls in her class that are over 6 feet tall. No kidding! 6 feet! That is huge compared to when I was in high school. Oh sorry, did I get off track there?

I picked up the wretched pink sweater this weekend. I didn't finish it. I am not happy with the first sleeve, and now I messed up on the 2nd sleeve too. Somedays I think I subconsciously sabotage my own FO's. I guess I will have to take both sleeves out and start them over. I know I will not wear it if I don't make it look better than this. Just slap me. I need to get together with my friend Sal. I need a push, a hard push I think, and she will force me to finish it. She is a brat like that (just kidding Sal, you know I love ya to pieces).

I started another pair of socks, but I don't have a pic yet.

I have joined Mystery Stole 3. I have my yarn, but still need my beads. (Don't say a word!)

I am dying to start something new. I will try to resist.

Brodie got a new toy.

He is not sharing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well, pat me on the head......

and give me a sucker! I have been a good girl. I have an-honest to goodness-I-know-you-can-hardly-believe-it-but-it's-true......finished object! Woo hoo!

TA DA! The Mist Scarf

This will be a gift for my mom for Christmas. Yes you heard correctly. I have an actual Christmas gift finished! I think I might deserve a popcicle for that! This scarf is just the beginning of my lace knitting to be sure. I enjoyed it so much. I will have the pattern available soon, in case anyone else wants to make it. It is about 7"X56", but can easily be made bigger. It only took one ball of Kid Merino, which I really enjoyed working with. It is so light and airy.

Just look how yummy it is up close.

I also finished reading Debbie Macomber's new book, Back on Blossom Street. I was asked to review it on the blog, so here goes. (warning: I am not a professional reviewer lol)

I really enjoyed this book. It was a really nice summer read, and would be great for beach or travel reading. If you have read the first two books, The Shop on Blossom Street and A Good Yarn, you will see some familiar faces. Lydia starts a new knitting class, and as usual, the women meet new friends and deepen some existing friendships. They each have their own flaws and real fears, yet find a respite and support within the knitting class. It reminded me how knitting seems to bring us comfort and camaraderie, even when we think nothing can at the time.

Alix, who we met previously, is planning her wedding, but it is not going completely according to her plans. Colette, a young widow, is struggling with a new love interest, and a family crisis puts some tension between Lydia and her sister Margaret. Lydia struggles with her own troubles and fears yet makes everyone feel welcome in the class. Her warmth makes you wish that she was your local yarn store owner. I enjoyed watching the women develop deeper friendships and achieve some personal growth.

Overall I really liked the book, especially because I was really in the mood for a light and easy read at the time. If you want a warm and comfortable book to curl up with, you might want to try this one.

Now for some random (and sad) super cuteness.....The Hubby spotted these 8 little ducklings in our front yard last night.
We have no idea how they got there, or where the mother is. We carried them behind the house in a bucket, so they would not get hit by a car. They were so scared looking, and stayed huddled so close we couldn't see them all most of the time. Really, there are 8 of them. We didn't touch them, but left water and some bread near them in case they were hungry or thirsty. I don't know where they are now. I am believing they are going to be okay, even though that is highly unlikely. Poor babies.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Do you ever have those days (or weeks or months) where you just feel jumbled? There are so many things on the brain, and no real way to organize them within your own mind. You feel scattered, frustrated maybe, just plain confuzzled? Yeah, hello, that is me.

I have been working on a few projects. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe I need to focus on just one thing for a while. I really should post a list of all existing projects (or not, I am really afraid to go there), to keep myself in check. Good idea? No? What works for all of you to keep yourself focused and motivated? Ok, so maybe I have convinced myself to make that list of my active projects. Notice I said active. I really would not feel comfortable divulging the true state of my, shall we say, problem?

Here we go:

1. Monkey socks for mom's birthday (August).

I'm doing okay on these. I had hoped to get them finished on the trip, but that didn't work out so well for me. Let's just say Thurs was not such a good day for us lol. I woke up with a splitting headache, some clueless person left a GIANT door ding including paint scrapes in the side of our car, a big storm was coming, so we decided to come home early. We had fun anyway, I just didn't get to do as much shopping, knitting and wine tasting as I wanted. Oh well. There will be other trips.

2. Mystery Lace Project #1
Sneak peek

I actually love knitting lace and I am slowly getting used to laceweight yarn. I love the feel of the fabric, it's so light and airy. I now understand the lure of lace and it's inevitable addiction factor.

3. Mystery Lace Project #2 - no pic - it's progress is minimal.

4. Cotton sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple - I have no idea why I haven't finished this. I have less than a sleeve to go and just the edging around the neck. Now that I have reminded all of you and myself about it, I guess I will have to buckle down and get it done.

5. The ripple. I don't feel bad about this one at all. I wanted this to be a project for the winter, so I may not touch it much this summer.

6. Lopi sweater - also for winter. Presently being ignored.

7. Swallowtail shawl - Also being ignored, but it is whispering my name. After all, it is lace! I may go visit it again soon.

*Oh lace side note. The Mystery Stole 3 is starting. If you're interested, go here.

8. I am too humiliated and lazy to go further. I know there are a couple more, but I don't feel like finding them and I am already embarassed that I could come up with 7 so quickly. Someone write in and make me feel better. Tell me you have like 25 projects. Or 100. Yeah, now that would make me feel really good. If you are a one-project person, or you crank out a finished knit like every week, just be quiet and leave me alone in my little corner of denial here. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Having some fun!

The hubby and I are sneaking out for a little two day getaway. There will be much shopping, knitting and wine tasting. We try to do this a few times a year, and it happened to work out for both of us today. (very last minute lol) Woo hoo! Gotta love vacation! I promise a post sometime this weekend.