Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ups and Downs

Just when you think things are looking up, a big wrench gets thrown at you and hits you square in the side of the head. Like WHACK!
I was all excited. I finally finished those doggone Regia socks. You know the ones....those evil grey ones that have been haunting me for a while. Well finally they are finished! Yay!

Thankfully they fit me better than the crappy sock blockers that I have. If nothing else, these will be worn a lot. I am just so happy that they are done.
Now for the crash and burn part. This morning I woke up to a message telling me that there were errors in the written part of my Sweet Alyssum pattern. What a downer. I thought we caught them in the test knitting stage. Well.......um, WOW, we definitely didn't! So, if you have copied the pattern, you may want to go back to Crystal Palace as soon as the corrections are posted and copy the modified version. Both sections 1 and 2 have errors, but the charts are fine. Talk about embarassing! I feel so bad. A nice gal named Amy brought them to my attention and I spent most of the morning going through the pattern with a fine-toothed comb. My sincerest apologies to anyone that struggled with it.
I am working on another design too. It is looking beautiful so far. Wanna sneak peek?

This is being triple checked right now lol!
We had ANOTHER snow day today. The kids were home again and we stayed put as much as possible. There were tons of accidents and the visibility was horrible. The kids were thrilled and so was Brodie.

He loves having everyone home. Here he is giving The Sporty One a big kiss. Awww. Look at that little tongue.

Stay safe everyone!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Old and New

Well the weather is getting old. We had no church Sunday evening and another snow day yesterday. This is one nasty winter. So instead of school, we baked cookies.

Valentine cookies. They were fun and they are almost gone. We like us some cookies!
On to the new. New FO's!
I managed to finish up a couple of projects.
The Thumbelina socks for Cath are finished and my girls do NOT want me to mail them. They were both hoping these were here to stay. I think eventually I will have to make myself a pair with this pattern. I have already knit 3 pairs and I am still not sick of the pattern. If anyone is interested, I may write it up for free on the blog.
I also embellished the Felted Clogs for my friend. I am giving them to her tomorrow. Yay!

These were my first try at needlefelting onto a felted item. Not too bad eh? I think they turned out pretty well and I am happy with them.
I used my handy dandy new Clover needle felting tool. Very easy to use. I think I will get a lot of use out of this one.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Don't you just love Fridays? I do. I get excited for the weekend, even if we don't have any big plans. The girls won't be home for dinner tonight (they both have to work, bummer), but we get to sleep in tomorrow, and usually I get lots of knitting time on the weekend.

I am winding down on a few projects here that I really want to work on. I want some FO's!!!

The blue sweater has one sleeve in, so now I just need to put in the other one, do the collar, and the buttonbands. I know this will take me a bit yet, just because this is my least favorite part of knitting a sweater. I am anxious to wear it though, so I will try to stick with it.

I did make these clogs for my friend who I clean with. I might try to embellish these a little with some needle felting. I will try to get a pic when I'm done.

The Thumbelina socks for Cath are zipping right along too. I am to the heel flap on the 2nd sock, so I know I will finish these this weekend. I still love this pattern and this yarn. These are a joy to work on.

We are supposed to get more yucky weather this weekend and early next week. Enough already!

This is what it looked like out my kitchen window before our snowday yesterday. Makes you just wish you lived in Michigan right? Hee.