Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mad spinner

I hope all you knitters out there don't desert me. Where are ya all anyway? (translate - leave me some comments would ya?!!!) I digress. Don't hate me because I am addicted to spinning.
I am improving! Yay!

Here is the Pigeon Roof. I love love love this skein. This is actually taken before I soaked it. It's nice and "fluffed up" now. I might save it for a hat. :)
New stuff on the wheel is some roving I dyed myself.

I took a dyeing class at City Knitting a couple of weeks ago from the fabulous Rita. I had so much fun and absolutely loved dyeing, despite the fact that I was the most math challenged pupil there.
I started spinning it and I just love it. It totally reminds me of the Caribbean. Maybe that's why I love it so much. Me, the one who lives in Michigan and fears never seeing spring temps again. (It's supposed to snow again...sigh.) Anyhoo, when I spin it, I will just imagine myself on a cruise ship looking out over the ocean. Who says I have to live in reality all the time right?
Even Brodie wants spring. He loves laying in the sun. ;)
P.S. - I have been knitting too. I almost have the niece socks done and have completed a few more rows on the shawl.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Goals met

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Ours was pretty relaxing. Church this morning, lunch at my mom's house and then basically trying to keep the kids out of the candy for the rest of the day.
I have been trying to keep up with my routine of setting small goals each day. I find this really helps me to prioritize what I want to get done and actually do it. Today's goals were to ply the Pigeon Roof singles, upload a couple of things to Ravelry, and finish the pink Gedifra socks.
I had these kitchenered for about 2 minutes before they were snatched from my hands and quickly put on The Sporty One's feet. She even said she would model for the blog. I'm sure these will rarely be in the sock drawer. They will probably be snagged off the drying rack right onto someone's feet.
I finally edited the pics of the latest handspun. This is Crown Mountain Farms pencil roving in Chocolate Bar. (I think it's a discontinued color.) At first I really didn't like it, but as I was plying, it started to grow on me.

I'm hoping for a pair of socks out of this and I know there will be enough left for a pair of wristwarmers and/or a hat.
Pics of the Pigeon Roof will have to wait. I don't have it off the bobbin yet.
Tomorrow's goals include: start spinning something new, get the niece's 2nd sock to the heel flap, do at least 4 rows on the new shawl I have started and get the Pigeon Roof yarn wound off and set the twist. I think I can do that.
Just to give you a glimpse of the silly stuff that goes on around here, The Monkey thought his Easter bucket would be a good hat.

Crazy cute little bucket head.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Introducing Melody, a lovely lace scarf made from silky cashmere yarn.
Skill level intermediate.

3-page pattern calls for one skein of Mama Llama Silken Cash and includes both charts and written directions.

Available in the sidebar.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A whole new SSS

Those of you that know me, know that this would not be Second Sock Syndrome. I almost ALWAYS finish a pair of socks, unless there is a problem with the yarn or the pattern etc. I love wearing handknit socks too much to NOT finish.
So what's this new SSS?
The saga started with a request from the Sporty One to knit her friend a pair of socks. So I cast on these:

They were turning out very cute, but they were too small. Doggone it. (Later they will be gifted to my niece. She will love the colors.)
So....on to the 2nd pair. I started to make these:
What was the problem with these? Absolutely nothing! The girls fell in love with the yarn and forbid me from giving them away. Strike 2!
3 strikes and you're out right? Well good thing I didn't strike out.
At last! A finished pair. Simple stockinette socks in Opal yarn. They have been gifted and she loves them. Yay.
So that's the end of my
Now to finish those two other pairs.......
(It's easy Maple, really.)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hope Lodge

A while back I was asked to donate my time to knit and design some squares for a blanket. This blanket will help benefit the Hope Lodge. I had been thinking and praying about doing something knitting related for charity and then Kim contacted me. It was perfect timing and so appropriate. I have an aunt that was diagnosed with cancer (she's doing well by the way), so this cause was near and dear to my heart.
Kim also set up this blog highlighting this wonderful opportunity to give back. You can read about you can win this beautiful blanket just by dontating. Chris from Briar Rose dyed and donated all the gorgeous yarn for this one-of-a-kind blanket.
Isn't it beautiful? It is a total joy to knit with!
I made 4 different squares for the blanket. Each stitch was knit with love and the hope that it will do some good.
Click here if you would like to help.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Something new

This week was a time of new things for me. First I started spinning some new fiber. This is Crown Mountain Farms pencil roving in Chocolate Bar. It is very hard to photograph and get the colors right. This is the best I could get.
I split it into 2 - 4oz balls so I can spin two singles and ply them together. I am anxious to see them plied together because they are quite different. Half of the fiber was much darker than the other, so that should be interesting.

The first one is dark chocolate brown, some black and dark copper.
The 2nd one (excuse the crappy flashed out pic) is more rusty, peach and brown. I hope I like them when they finally meet up. I do love the barber poling effect, so hopefully I will get some of that.
I really want to finish it so that I can start this!

I got this gorgeous stuff from Pigeon Roof and it is even prettier in person. I am dying to spin it.
Also in the mail this week, I received a wonderful package from Opal in Hawaii. It was a total surprise and I totally love it. It was a little because of these!

They are delicious whole macadamia nuts covered in chocolate. I bit one in 1/2 there and laid it on top of the box so you could see the inside. I can't even tell you how yummy and how much of a treat they are to me.

Also in the box was this gorgeous pair of gloves. They are in my favorite colors (pink and green) and they fit perfectly! I have really long fingers, and can rarely find a pair of gloves with fingers long enough for me. Now I have some and they are handmade by a friend. How perfect! I absolutely love them. Thanks Opal!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

At least my feet are warm

Well I think (actually I am sure of it) I have a bad case of the winter blahs. I have accomplished very little, I am totally sick of snow and dreary weather and I'm just a little grumpy.


At least my feet are warm.

AND I have really cute slippers. Finally I finished (including embellishments) my own Felted Clogs. I still say this pattern is genius, a great stashbuster and it's such a comfortable slipper to wear. Perfect! Go make yourself some! Really.
This is going to be the shortest post on record but the last couple of weeks have just been the kind where nothing is very exciting. I have done some knitting, organizing, baking and spinning but the slippers will have to be enough for the blog for today.
What do you all do to keep yourself from getting the winter blahs?