Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mad spinner

I hope all you knitters out there don't desert me. Where are ya all anyway? (translate - leave me some comments would ya?!!!) I digress. Don't hate me because I am addicted to spinning.
I am improving! Yay!

Here is the Pigeon Roof. I love love love this skein. This is actually taken before I soaked it. It's nice and "fluffed up" now. I might save it for a hat. :)
New stuff on the wheel is some roving I dyed myself.

I took a dyeing class at City Knitting a couple of weeks ago from the fabulous Rita. I had so much fun and absolutely loved dyeing, despite the fact that I was the most math challenged pupil there.
I started spinning it and I just love it. It totally reminds me of the Caribbean. Maybe that's why I love it so much. Me, the one who lives in Michigan and fears never seeing spring temps again. (It's supposed to snow again...sigh.) Anyhoo, when I spin it, I will just imagine myself on a cruise ship looking out over the ocean. Who says I have to live in reality all the time right?
Even Brodie wants spring. He loves laying in the sun. ;)
P.S. - I have been knitting too. I almost have the niece socks done and have completed a few more rows on the shawl.


Suzanne said...

Hey Lisa,
Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Your yarn is just beautiful! Don't you just love City Knitting. Wish I could spin, but alas, just have to drool over yours.

Kat said...

I love the new stuff on your wheel! Wow - that is just gorgeous!

I should have the silk to knit your scarf this week!!

AND - T-minus 36 hours until ABBY!!!

Kim said...

Your spun yarn is beautiful and that roving! You've created a masterpiece.

Robbyn said...

Spinning - there must be something in the air. A bunch of my favorite knitters are turning to spinning these days - spring, perhaps?

We got snow last night too - perhaps you heard me booing this morning when I woke up and looked out the window?

trek said...

Nice spinning.

::thinking I should use my wheel as more than room decoration::

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn! Love the roving you dyed - great colors. Brodie is such a cutie!

Bea said...

The spinning looks awesome. I love that top skein.

oh and the puppy is very very cute.

AlisonH said...

That's a glorious colorway you made. I love it!

Alpaca Granny said...

Lisa, beautiful dyeing and spinning. Way to go, woman!

Opal said...

You dyed up that roving?! Where's mine? LOL It's just gorgeous and the singles are coming along beautifully.

Ya know that is THE cutest picture of Brodie. Ever. I gotta show it to my mom.

Karen said...

I love seeing your spinning pictures. Your newest yarn is just lovely! I've been around just not saying much lately because all my emails have been bouncing. Not fun!

tiennie said...

Brodie is so cute! Great spinning!

Knittymama said...

Love that skein! It looks so nice and squishy.

Marion said...

Wow wow wow and double wow your yarn is wonderful!!! Pretty, Beautiful, all that and a bag of chips! LOL LOve all your work huggs and God Bless Marion

ChelleC said...

I love that yarn. It is beautiful. Have you been spinning lately? I am praying for you. Just bought your lovely sock pattern. I'm a spinner and would love to read more about your spinning and knitting