Monday, March 17, 2008

A whole new SSS

Those of you that know me, know that this would not be Second Sock Syndrome. I almost ALWAYS finish a pair of socks, unless there is a problem with the yarn or the pattern etc. I love wearing handknit socks too much to NOT finish.
So what's this new SSS?
The saga started with a request from the Sporty One to knit her friend a pair of socks. So I cast on these:

They were turning out very cute, but they were too small. Doggone it. (Later they will be gifted to my niece. She will love the colors.)
So....on to the 2nd pair. I started to make these:
What was the problem with these? Absolutely nothing! The girls fell in love with the yarn and forbid me from giving them away. Strike 2!
3 strikes and you're out right? Well good thing I didn't strike out.
At last! A finished pair. Simple stockinette socks in Opal yarn. They have been gifted and she loves them. Yay.
So that's the end of my
Now to finish those two other pairs.......
(It's easy Maple, really.)


Karen said...

That definitely brings new meaning to SSS! :) I can see why the girls didn't want to part with the second pair, the yarn is so pretty! I really like the Opal you used for the third pair too! Your sock needles have been busy!

Opal said...

Great new meaning to SSS! I love the first pair. Your niece is going to love'em.

Kim said...

ooh - I really like the 2nd pair too. You'll whip up the mates in no time flat!

Hee hee - Come on, Maple!

tiennie said...

Pretty socks!

Robbyn said...

My goodness - aren't you the sock monster! They're all super - but I like the second pair best - lovely colors :)

Alpaca Granny said...

Making TWO socks is not easy. ONE is easy.