Saturday, June 09, 2007


Do you ever have those days (or weeks or months) where you just feel jumbled? There are so many things on the brain, and no real way to organize them within your own mind. You feel scattered, frustrated maybe, just plain confuzzled? Yeah, hello, that is me.

I have been working on a few projects. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe I need to focus on just one thing for a while. I really should post a list of all existing projects (or not, I am really afraid to go there), to keep myself in check. Good idea? No? What works for all of you to keep yourself focused and motivated? Ok, so maybe I have convinced myself to make that list of my active projects. Notice I said active. I really would not feel comfortable divulging the true state of my, shall we say, problem?

Here we go:

1. Monkey socks for mom's birthday (August).

I'm doing okay on these. I had hoped to get them finished on the trip, but that didn't work out so well for me. Let's just say Thurs was not such a good day for us lol. I woke up with a splitting headache, some clueless person left a GIANT door ding including paint scrapes in the side of our car, a big storm was coming, so we decided to come home early. We had fun anyway, I just didn't get to do as much shopping, knitting and wine tasting as I wanted. Oh well. There will be other trips.

2. Mystery Lace Project #1
Sneak peek

I actually love knitting lace and I am slowly getting used to laceweight yarn. I love the feel of the fabric, it's so light and airy. I now understand the lure of lace and it's inevitable addiction factor.

3. Mystery Lace Project #2 - no pic - it's progress is minimal.

4. Cotton sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple - I have no idea why I haven't finished this. I have less than a sleeve to go and just the edging around the neck. Now that I have reminded all of you and myself about it, I guess I will have to buckle down and get it done.

5. The ripple. I don't feel bad about this one at all. I wanted this to be a project for the winter, so I may not touch it much this summer.

6. Lopi sweater - also for winter. Presently being ignored.

7. Swallowtail shawl - Also being ignored, but it is whispering my name. After all, it is lace! I may go visit it again soon.

*Oh lace side note. The Mystery Stole 3 is starting. If you're interested, go here.

8. I am too humiliated and lazy to go further. I know there are a couple more, but I don't feel like finding them and I am already embarassed that I could come up with 7 so quickly. Someone write in and make me feel better. Tell me you have like 25 projects. Or 100. Yeah, now that would make me feel really good. If you are a one-project person, or you crank out a finished knit like every week, just be quiet and leave me alone in my little corner of denial here. Thanks.


Susan Pandorf said...

OK, you can officially feel better. I have curently on the needles (Hi, my name is Susan. I'm a yarnoholic.)

9 shawls / stoles
6 scarves
3 pairs of socks
5 sweaters

And that's just the contents of my 3 tier Lantern Moon project basket.

I also have 8 mateless singleton socks (or BJs - Bridget Jones) patiently waiting to find their match. Hard to get motivated when it is 90 degrees outside. I suspect these will all be complete come September. Instead of the summer of socks, I will have the summer of SECOND socks - S3 for short. So many sock yarns and only two feet (sigh!)

Feel better now? Or shall I inventory the contents of my UFO drawer, which holds finished pieces of unfinished projects and other abandoned causes?

If you want to see the tip of the iceberg come on over and see me some time at

Blessings from the queen of excess!

trek said...

Don't feel badly about this - but now I feel a little better about the hat I need to frog and the shawl that is languishing in the bag and the socks that still need to be test knit.
Good luck!

Opal said...

Don't beat yourself up! Two of those projects really don't count!

AlisonH said...

Those socks and that lace project are gorgeous! Don't worry about the UFO's; if they're meant to be, they'll be. I once had a sock and a half for a year and a half, just sitting there, mocking me. Then I was a patient in critical condition in the hospital--and I had a male nurse who was superb whom I wanted to knit something for. He was a pretty short guy, feet couldn't be too much bigger than mine--after I got home, all I had to knit was half a sock, and ta daah! A warm thank you for his being willing to walk in his patient's shoes. It was perfect, and he loved them.

And it gave me an excuse to go back to the hospital, hale and hearty now, to tell him in person how much I valued who he is and what he had done.

So a stash of UFO's can be just as necessary as a stash of yarn. (No, I did not tell him they'd been a UFO. No way!)

tiennie said...

I'm not sayin' nothing.

I do love your monkeys!

Robbyn said...

Don't be ,embarassed - starting something without finishing it is only another way of swatching or test knitting to see if it's something you really want to do. If you wind up wanting to finish it (whenever that might be...) you can do so. If you decide you don't want to (or that you want the yarn for something else), you can frog it.

No guilt allowed!

Tarilyn said...

Well, let's see, I have 3 sweaters on hold, 2 pair of socks (actually 2 single socks in progress), 2 scarves, several flowers, and a sheep that needs to be stuffed with something other than plastic bags. Not too awful, unless you count the bags of yarn with their patterns waiting to be started. If that doesn't help, you should know that my sewing and embroidery UFO's are so out of control that most of them are packed away so I don't have to look at them. All told, at least 50 once loved and now abandoned projects haunt me.

You are not alone!

Beth said...

I have so many projsects going that I don't even want to count. I know it's a huge amount though because I have lost many many needles and I know they are in projects.
Let's see
Jamieson Fair Isle Sweater
Pi Are Square Shawl
3 socks
Mohair Sweater
Other mohair blend sweater
Chelsea's Ribbed Sweater
alpaca hat
3 lace shawls
Those are just off the top of my head.
No need to worry about yourself.
Also, the whole 9 bags of sugar thing. That's a great way to think of it and that's huge. said...

I hear you on the lace knitting, I just started my first lace project and I love it too. Don't worry about all the projects - I have just as many on the go. Variety is the spice of life...

Anonymous said...

This is kind of scary, but I'll give it a shot. I'm at work so I'm just listing what I remember.

1)crochet bag - almost done
2)Magic 28 socks
3)mini blankie toy
4)silk top
5)sockamania June socks
6)toe up socks (1 done, 1/2 of second one needs to be frogged; may not finish these)
7)Faina scarf (haven't touched in months)
8) leg warmers (haven't touched in months)
9) cotton cardi started last fall (I changed the lace pattern a bit and need to locate my notes - it's not looking good; this may end up in the frog pond)

Catherine Kerth said...

i know the feeling..... i have 100 yds left of fifi and i have yet to finsish her.... and i'm really missing socks... why on EARTH did i start 3 garments?