Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who needs Martha?

Not me. I have my very own "good things".

First up the Regia socks. I am really not enjoying knitting these at all, but the good thing is that I am to the heel flap on the second sock. At least I can see the end in sight right?

The dark yarn is NOT FUN people, but I really want a pair of dark socks to wear with black, so I will press on. Even if it kills me. Ugh.
Good thing #2:

I have been playing with lace again. Ahhh...I could knit lace forever.
It's a scarf pattern I have been working on, and this is my swatch. More info later on this. It's being test knitted now. Yay!

My next good thing is more designing. I have been playing with some sock ideas and finally I think I might have one that could work. I did some swatching and ripping yesterday, but I hope the ripping part is over (at least for this design).

As you can see, I'm not very far yet though. Keep your fingers crossed for me, k?

And finally........I saved the best for last. I have been spinning again! I missed it a lot. I finally hauled out the wheel and got a little bit done. I even attended a new spinning meeting this week and it was exactly what I needed to get inspired to spin again.
I have another bobbin started too, but I think I may have been overspinning a little on the second one. I think I like to treadle fast, so I will have to make some adjustments to prevent it. I am still learning all this stuff about tension, ratios etc. I truly am clueless. I hope the ladies at the spinning group can help me learn, and I think I might call Beth and schedule a lesson or two when I can work out a time to get to her shop.
So there Martha! Ha!


AlisonH said...

Yeah, it was a pair of men's shoe size 13 dark charcoals that put me off knitting socks--yours are a lot more interesting to look at.

That bobbin makes me want to go spin! Beautifully done!

Opal said...

Lace swatch? Yummy. Sock design? Exciting? Spinning? What a gorgeous picture! And your singles look divine!

shell said...

I am glad to see you still are plugging away on the socks and lace.
The spinning looks great - just remember - as long as you get the yarn YOU WANT - who cares what the ratio's are.
Enjoy the spinning - don't analyze it too much - it will take the fun out of it!

Bea said...

oh my. Everything is beautiful. I love the color of that roving. And even though you don't like knitting them I bet the socks will be great for wearing.

adrienne said...

i just finished a pair of regia in the same line steps only in navy blue. for some reason, it seemed to take forever...maybe because it was a guy sized sock?

lacy scarf looks cute. looking forward to the unveiling!

Kniterella said...

Yay! You found time to spin. It is beautiful, too.

Your new lace looks great - can you share the fiber yet?

Diane said...

I've got a pair of socks for my dad on my to do list. They are black and after reading your post I think I'll be pushing them down a little further on my to do list. lol

Karen said...

That fiber you're spinning is gorgeous!

I have a hard time knitting with dark yarns too. Like you I do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

im so glad you are spinning again. much love to you.

Maia said...

Lovely spinning! I got back into spinning this week too. Feels good.

The lace swatch is a pretty tease.

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Hi! New to your blog through Ravelry/Sweet Alyssum pattern and laughed when I read your post. I just started a pair of socks with the same Regia yarn and I can't stand knitting with it either! I'm only on the heel flap of the first sock and it feels as if there is no end in sight.

I'm casting on for the Sweet Alyssum shawl tonight! Thanks for the pattern.