Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Jenna

My spinning, dyeing, knitting friend Jenna informed me last night at our SABLE meeting, that she no longer wanted to see the hairy chip. Haha! That cracked me up, so I thought I should do a new post (not like it wasn't completely overdue anyway). I had so much fun again last night. We have the best bunch of ladies ever! I keep forgetting to take pictures though. Chris has a few here (scroll down a little), but some of them don't seem to be showing up. She is always stalking us with her camera while we TRY to look natural, right Chris? I can't go next week and I am seriously going to have withdrawals. Sniff. Erica, you can sympathize. We may have to pout together.
I worked on my Rusted Root a little this weekend. I really like this pattern so far. I should try it on, but I'm just too lazy to put it on some yarn and do it. I'm not worried about it though, because if it's too small my daughter has already laid claim to it.

It's looking cute so far, yay!
I am doing pretty well on my committment to stop buying yarn for a while, however I have fallen off the wagon in the fiber department. Oops!

All 3 of these gorgeous creations are from Coby. Kim and I had way too much fun on our visit with her.
I'm also eyeing this and this in Jenna's Etsy shop. Actually I'm drooling over a lot more than those 2, but I promised myself I would spin some of what I have before I buy more. I might have to wait until June the way my schedule is looking.
I'm so ready for summer vacation.


Jenna said...

Awww you're too awesome Lisa! Thanks for the shop plug too!!! We'll miss you next Monday :( but I can't wait for a dyeing day in June!!!!!!

Kim said...

Those two batts are lovely...not to be an enabler, but you NEED them, no?

Love Rusted Root and hope it fits you.

For the record, I'm glad the hairy chip is gone too!

Anonymous said...

Rusted Root is looking great; I love the color.

The fiber is just so yummy, how could you resist?

Alpaca Granny said...

Isn't it amazing how important the women in our knitting/spinning groups are?
We must be fulfilling some primal, work around the fire need.

Opal said...

Holy rovings, Batman! Those are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all spun up. Spin spin sugar, baby!

Karen said...

I thought I was the only one who thought putting a project on a piece of yarn was way too much work. haha

You find fiber in the most amazing colorways!

Chris said...

we may have to duke it out for the black lagoon batt! that one is a trip! i love it! have a great day! remember! act natural!

Bea said...

Love the sweater and the fiber!

tiennie said...

Your rusted root is looking good! Pretty fibers!

Robbyn said...

I've got to tell you Lisa, I was pretty glad to see that chip go too! Heheh...

As far as spinning goes, it looks like yo've got your work cdut out for you. Lovely stuff!

Mommabear said...

Wow Lisa! Pretty stuff and wonderful job knitting as usual. You are so so talented! Huggs Marion