Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks's Day Synopsis (wordy)

Ok, I'm not Irish, I don't celebrate, but I did wear green today. Does that count? At least I didn't get pinched.

A sweet friend reminded me to blog today, so I MADE myself do it. It's been a month again, so it was definitely time.

Things have been a good and bad kind of busy here.

The bad first: We had a lot of water in our basement last week (pump failure) and it has not been fun! We have 2 bedrooms, a family room, and large laundry area all finished down there. All the carpets had to be ripped up, baseboards torn off, EVERYTHING had to be taken out of there, and a cleaning company had to come in. It was ugly. Thankfully it's all dry now, the drywall is patched and we're just waiting to reinstall the baseboards and carpet. I can't wait! All the downstairs stuff NEEDS to get out of the upstairs. The clutter is driving me nuts!

On to the good....
I've been knitting and spinning as much as time permits. I worked on a big project for quite a while. A dear friend from our knit/spin group recently lost her hubby. We wanted to do something special for her, so we all donated a skein of handspun (or commercial or hand-dyed if not from a spinner) and I knit it into a shawl for her. It turned out really lovely and she just loves it.

Here she is, sling and all. She fell and broke her shoulder too. She definitely needed a warm fibery hug from her friends. Here it is on blocking. Excuse the ugly sheet.

It's even more gorgeous in person, and I really enjoyed working on this project. Friends are good. :)

Another great friend from our knit/spin group (Coby from CJKopec Creations) has been very inspiring to me. She can spin the best chunky yarns ever and is a carding master. She recently let me borrow her carder and this is what I created.

I carded about 6oz of wool batts with bamboo and sparkle. They are gorgeous! I can't wait to spin them. So far I'm thinking fingering for a shawl.

I've done a bit of traveling this month too. The first week of March my oldest daughter and I took a 5-day cruise, for her spring break. Then last weekend I went to a fiber festival with a friend of mine (Rita, from Yarn Hollow) to help her with her booth. It was a lot of fun, but hard work. This weekend I am going to a knitting retreat with my knit/spin group at a lodge. Should be lots of fun!

The weather has been great here for 2 days. 65 and sunny. Happy Spring!


Opal said...

those batts are gorgeous!

you're leaving again? phew. you are one busy woman!

Mommab@sbcglobal.net said...

I have missed reading your blog as well as chatting with you online! Life gets busy so I do understand. Sorry about your basement and hope it is cleared up soon! Have fun on the retreat and enjoy! God Bless you and huggs oh and the batt is awsome.

Alpaca Granny said...

Welcome back - I'm so glad to be able to catch up on your world. Horrible about your basement! That's one of my biggest fears. I got a little leakage but in the unfinished part.
The shawl is beautiful! What great friends.
The weather is getting more predictable so hoping you can come for a fiber day with me.

MsKnottyKnits said...

Where the hell have I been and how did I miss your blog post???

(You can blame it on my high level of wine consumption - I do!)

The batts are beautities, and the shawl came out fabulously. It's good to be busy!

AlisonH said...

Oh, good for you! All of you, but especially you for doing the knitting. What a lovely, thoughtful thing to do at the time she most needed it.

kimberly said...

Hello, your shawls are gorgeous and the name of your blog divine!
My name is Kim of Kimberly Shaw Graphics. I just entered a blog about the fabulous Wool Girl kit I received which contained your cowl pattern, other wonderful treats, along with one of my notepads. I hope you don't mind be bragging about your lovely pattern and linking your name to your website. Let me know if anything is not O.K. or you'd like me to add more info. I am very cautious about infringing on others copyright. I am going to attempt to knit your lovely cowl, I adore the edge detail!!!
Blog is at http://www.kimberlyshaw.typepad.com/
Blessings, Kim

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