Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer Lady Sweater

I have been trying to finish up a few things around here, along with starting a couple of new projects. I recently finished a February Lady Sweater (Ravelry link) and finally got around to taking a picture.

I like wearing it, but I am not completely happy with the button band. The buttons are heavy and tend to drag on the band, making it look a little uneven at times. I might try to reinforce it in some way or maybe I will have to find lighter buttons. However, I would like to keep these because they are brown and black which gives me a lot of versatility as far as what I wear with it. In the meantime I will wear it and enjoy a finished knitting project!
I've been spinning a little too. I just finished a bobbin of All Spun Up fiber.

It's 4 oz of Merino/Silk/Bamboo. I was going to try navajo plying, but I'm not sure that I dare. I did a practice skein of n-ply today, and let's put it this way, it wasn't my best work. Maybe I will wind off 1/2 of it into a center pull ball and go for a 2-ply. Hey, I'm not too proud to take the chicken out route.
Next on the agenda is working on the Briar Rose sweater some more, working on a pattern due in October, learning to use my little loom, cleaning the craft room, cataloging all my yarn, and finishing a pair of socks for myself. A little too ambitious? Maybe. ;)


Kim said...

Your spinning is beautiful. You can navajo ply - really! There are links to some very helpful youtube on my blog that someone sent to me.

I love your sweater - bet you will get a lot of use out of it.

Bridget said...

Your sweater looks lovely! I have everything ready to make one, I just need to DO it!

I love your results from spinning - such pretty colors.

Hattie said...

Love the spinning, and man am I the only one who hasn't made that sweater?

trek said...

I'd go with lighter weight buttons in the same color.

Dana said...

I'm not sure if you needed suggestions for reinforcement but I know of two ways. One is to sew grosgrain ribbon behind the button band and sew the buttons thru to the ribbon. The other way is to use smaller flat buttons behind the large buttons (on the inside of the sweater) for more stability. Nice job though!