Sunday, January 21, 2007

From "Oh No!" to "Woo Hoo!"

I have a sad little story for you. (but it does have a happy ending if you're patient)

I don't remember if I mentioned this on the blog before, and I am too lazy to go back and check, so bear with me if you have already heard it. Last year on New Year's Day I woke up to a horrible discovery. The diamond in my wedding ring was GONE! Yes GONE! I was crying my eyes out. I even vacuumed the entire house so the darling hubby could go through the vac system and filter all the contents through a screen. No luck! It was not to be found. I was devastated. My diamond was gone forever! To top it off, we didn't have it insured, unless it had been lost in a fire or stolen. So for over a year, I was without a wedding ring. That was a very odd feeling for me. I didn't like it much. My hubby HATES buying jewelry, not to mention the fact that diamonds are EXPENSIVE, so we put off buying a new one.

Well.....finally he let me get a new one. While I was on my cruise, I visited a jeweler in St. Maarten that was highly recommended by a friend. She has purchased quite a few pieces from him in the past, and every time her jewelry appraised at FAR more than she paid for it. I was so excited to see his stuff, and he had exactly what I wanted. So I brought home this:

Excuse the disgusting looking old lady hands in the picture. Hehe, apparently I have not used any hand lotion for about 2 years. But anyway, I love the ring and I am so happy to be wearing a wedding ring again.

In other news: I actually picked up my knitting today. (Don't laugh! Yes I still knit.) The neverending pink Trekking socks will be finished tonight (I hope). About time huh? Gosh I have never had a pair of socks on the needles for this long. I cannot wait to be done with them. I love that yarn, but I am so sick of seeing it. I think I will definitely give these to the Sporty One. She loves them and I think they will just remind me of the horrible knitting rut I have been in lately. I can't wait to move on to other UFOs or a new project!!!!

Also, I promise I will show ya some cruise pictures, as soon as I get them. I didn't take my own camera along on the trip, because my girls wanted a camera at home. They had their winter dance at school, and wanted pics of everyone dressed up. I can't blame them. So, my sis and my friend both took their cameras. Now I just have to wait for them to make me a cd.

P.S. - Thanks so much for all the comments, even when I have been the worst blogger EVER! I just love hearing from all of you, and I really appreciate you not giving up on me. You really helped pull me out of this funk I have been in. Now I am actually excited about knitting again. Yay! Bring it on!


Kate said...

It beautiful!!!! Sounds like you had a great trip.

Karen said...

You should have warned us we needed sunglasses to view the post today. :) It's beautiful!

Diane said...

What a beautiful ring. Definately worth the wait.

My friend lost the 3 carat yellow diamond from her mil's ring while pumping gas at BJ's. She went back as soon as she realized it was missing and believe it or not found it in the cracks between the concrete.Talk about luck!

aija said...

Its beautiful! Congrats on your new ring :)

Shelley said...

What a beautiful ring!

Randi said...

You blinded me with that picture ;o) Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ring...WOW!

JennyRaye said...

Just beautiful. You came home with a tan AND a knock-out ring. Lucky, lucky girl :o)