Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knitting! Really...I'm not kidding!

You probably thought you would never see knitting again here. Well today I actually have some to show you. I would have posted this stuff earlier but The Sporty One took my camera to school. Apparently she wanted to take pics with her volleyball team and friends. How rude! Does she not realize I might need it to blog?!!

The other night, I finished the never-ending Trekking Socks. Finally!!! Here they are in all their stockinette glory, not so beautifully displayed on my uber-cheesy, make-your-own, wire hanger sock blockers. Eh, they do the job. I really should invest in a cute pair sometime though.

They did turn out really cute, but honestly I don't think I will wear them. I am not kidding. These socks just left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it's that knitting funk thing. Thank goodness that is over! The Sporty One is very willing to wear them, and she will enjoy them much more than I would.

I also started on the Lopi sweater that I have had languishing in the stash for a while. I love the looks of this pattern, I was just really intimidated to try knitting with multiple colors. I just started the first row of the colorwork.

And, big suprise hehe, I already need help. I am going to my LYS shortly for help with the purl side. I cannot figure out how to avoid long floats when purling. Hopefully they will be able to show me what I am doing wrong. The chart doesn't work out right on this pattern either. Not fun for a person who has never done a pattern like this before. I searched for errata, but I couldn't find any. I am not giving up! Any hints for me out there?

I also started some new socks in Koigu! Believe it or not, this is the first time I have used it. I'll have pictures of those next time.

Thanks for all the compliments on my ring. You guys are all so sweet! I wish I could meet all of you someday! I really only have a couple of local knitting friends, so I just love having blogging friends too!


Karen said...

I love your socks. It's too bad your feet won't get to enjoy them, but at least you have someone to give them to who will enjoy them. :)

As for the Lopi sweater. I made a Lopi cardigan once that was also done flat. I believe I used the book Fair Isle Simplified by Philosopher's Wool to help me. Two color knitting done flat was not fun. It is much easier in the round. The next time I do one, I will do it in the round and steek it. Good luck with your sweater!

Shelley said...

The socks look great! Good luck with your sweater, can't wait to see more pics of it. I'm sure you'll do fine after you get the problems spots figured out.

I've not used Koigu either, but ordered some last Saturday as a birthday present to myself, and I plan to knit socks with it...just hope I ordered enough (only 2 skeins)...if not I'll either order more and hope for the same lot, or use this yarn when I get it for something smaller (like kids socks) and order more for socks for me.

Diane said...

My youngest daughter takes my camera to school often .... what a pain in the ass.

I love the socks. Very colorful.