Thursday, May 31, 2007

Need inspiration?

I have you covered! Check out all this good stuff!

Really cute summer tank pattern here.

I am so tempted to join this. (I really have to control myself here. Like I don't have enough to do already.)
But it looks so fun.
But you don't need another project.
But it is spinning and knitting and lace.
But when would you have time?
Well...maybe I could make time.
STOP RIGHT NOW! Do not say one more word.

(Umm, did you guys hear those voices too? Or is it just me? Just checkin.)

Ooooh check this out too. It is the coolest color scheme thingy.

A blog I have been enjoying lately. Ahhh....lace.

My friend Cath inspires us all to be better people in this post. Go read it, it's well worth it.

Oh, I also got the new Debbie Macomber book "Back on Blossom Street" in the mail this week. Review coming soon.

Have a fibery good day people!


Susan Pandorf said...

Thanks for all the great links, Lisa! Had seen Cath's post earlier this week. I pray that your link brings it more exposure. If I could figure out how to link I would put it up on mine as well (sigh.)

I'm a blog virgin - 5 days old today - so I am still eagerly awaiting my digital camera purchase (tonight! WOOHOO!) and my impending copy of "Blogging for Dummies" (hurry up Amazon!)


Catherine Kerth said...

mmmmmmmm, love the knit links! thanks for liniing my post ;) i appreciate the support to send a great messege :)

Maia said...

I DID hear those voices! I had the exact same conversation with the voices in my head. I'm not sure I have won yet.

I love link posts. said...

Oh the voices, the voices - I hear them all the time. Thanks you've just added some more fuel to the "new projects" voice. But I have five projects on the go and I must finish at least two before I start a new one... Although that tank top is CUTE!

Opal said...

I think your voices are talking to my voices. They're conspiring together and they're conniving. *looks around* I'm feeling quite paranoid.

shell said...

Voices? Of course I hear them - they are those wonderful people in my head who keep me company when I knit or spin or knit...oh did I say Spin???
Mine are always trying to lead me astray- like "housework? who needs that - this row of lace needs done first!"
Sigh --- we must give in to them - or they will never shut up!

tiennie said...

Thanks so much for the links especially the one on helping parents with autistic kids.