Saturday, August 11, 2007

Holy flower batman!

Check this out! My niece gave me this giant flower. It is the craziest thing ever.

It's a giant cockscomb. That is ONE flower. ONE! Look at that stem! It is bigger than my hand. The top is fuzzy and slightly "brainish" looking. Pretty cool huh?

In the not-so-cool category, I finished my stole, but I think I will have to knit the entire thing again. I think I chose the wrong yarn for it. I blocked it out and it is gorgeous, but it doesn't retain it's shape. There is some elastic in it, which would be wonderful for other projects, but not for this one. I will probably do it again in a wool yarn.

I really love the looks of it, so I will definitely redo it if I can't use this one.

Well, we are off today for another week of camping at the beach. Last vacation of the summer....ahhhhh.


Opal said...

Oh wow! That is one huge flower! I'm so sorry about the stole. Elastic does put a crimp on the blocking project. But we all make mistakes like that at least once in our knitting careers and don't let anyone tell you different. *hugs*

tiennie said...

That is beautiful! It's such a bummer that it doesn't retain it's shape! said...

Beautiful shawl. Have a great vacation!

Alpaca Granny said...

I think your flower name borders on being obscene. ☺
Was so nice to meet you at the FiberFest. Thanks for not giving up on finding me. ♥

Diane said...

That is one crazy looking flower.