Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mist scarf

Lace anyone? Free pattern? It seems all over blogland, people have been bitten by the lace bug. I know I have. In case you have not been bitten yet, could I tempt you with a little project? I designed a lace scarf for Crystal Palace and the pattern is up! Yay!

The free pattern is available here. It's an easy repeat that would be great for beginning lace knitters. It's also a great take along project and stash buster, using only one ball (240 yds) of their Kid Merino.

Mine will be a Christmas gift for.....well I don't think I will tell, in case she stumbles on the blog. You could whip this up in no time for a gift for any occasion.



Ruth in N.J. said...

What a great pattern! I too have been bitten by the lace bug; currently working on my third lace scarf. Your pattern is so lovely; it will be my next. Thank you so much for sharing, Ruth in N.J.

Opal said...

Oh it's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL scarf!
(I've just come over from the dishcloth knitting group, where you posted about this.)

And congratulations on being published!

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Miss Me said...

very pretty! i can see myself knitting that... although those sweet little points are just SCREAMING out for teardrop beads! : )
thanks for posting the link for the "townies"!

Robbyn said...

Oh Lisa - that's just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern - definitely going on the list!

tiennie said...

That is beautiful!

Knitman said...

Beautiful scarf Lisa and congrats on the publishing.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo... pretty!