Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Do you ever have those days when you just feel like babbling? Random thoughts just pop into your head and you just want to talk about them? This has been happening to me all morning.

-I love Rascal Flats.

-I hate grey hair - why do they have to be so squiggly and out of control?

-Why do I have zits and wrinkles at the same time?

-Why the heck was it over 90 degrees here yesterday? It's almost the end of September! I am ready for cooler weather than that!

-Why is it that the patterns you are dying to make do not match the yarns in your stash most of the time?

Ok, enough of that, want some pictures?

The never ending stole is close to ending! Ok, finally I am sick of it! I love the pattern but after knitting it twice, I am ready to be done. Plus I hate my sucky photos of this thing. They never look good until they're finished.

This pic of the other shawl is a little better I hope!

And this one?
Until now, I have been so faithful to the stole, but I may decide to cheat on it a little. I can only be a one project gal for so long right?
The cover sweater in this little booklet is really calling to me. A little cheating won't hurt right?
P.S. I have been missing my regular commenters. You know who you are hehe!


Catherine Kerth said...

great photograph of the second one! soooo? when are you publishing the pattern ;)

AlisonH said...

I think the photos are fine, but I especially like that second one. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shawls!

It's definitely okay to cheat; it's not natural to be monogamous with knits.

I often ask the same question about the zits and wrinkles; I'd have thought that by the time I turned 47, I'd be zit-free.

Opal said...

the triangle shawl shots are gorgeous!

Kniterella said...

oohh, I really like your finished shawl and that sweater will be fabulous!

Robbyn said...

I'm afraid I can't offer anything new - the stole is beautiful and the shawl is spectacular!

As for knitting monogamy - I wouldn't know it if it bit me :) I'd be a blithering idiot (okay - more of a blithering idiot) if I didn't have a few things going at once.

I really like the color for the tweed sweater. It's not cheating Lisa, it's sanity control :)

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding Opal! Beautiful work!

Tarilyn said...

LOL - I have zits and wrinkles too and they piss me off even more than the kinky grey hair! I can't believe you got that yarn - it's the one that drew me to the pattern in the first place but I couldn't find it locally (fast enough). I think the yarn/pattern mismatch is a ploy to get us to buy more yarn/patterns. There's a conspiracy out there somewhere! BTW: your stole/shawls look great!

tiennie said...

Those are beautiful!

Ack. I've got a huge zit on my chin right now that's bugging me!

Shelley said...

I don't think there is anything wrong in "cheating" while you are knitting one project...I do that all the time, and I think most knitters do. The sweater looks great. I think you should start in on it :o).

JeanTownsend said...

I want to see you start that other project, what booklet? where did you get it? hmmm are you holding out?? BLOG Lisa!! Let's go!! Inquiring minds want to see what you are doing.

trek said...

No, you can cast on for pretty blue stuff anytime!