Sunday, September 16, 2007

Make some noise

This here blog has been way too quiet! I need to make some noise I think. Don't tell my kids. Lately I have been telling them to be more quiet all the time. As I get older the less tolerant I become of unnecessary noise. How about you? Is this normal? Good thing lace isn't noisy.

Soft maybe. Delicate.

Too bad light lavendar lace doesn't photograph better on light colored carpet. I will have to take some more pics later on my dark brown comforter. That should provide some good contrast!

This shawl was so fun to make, but I am glad to have it finished. Maybe I will have the Sporty One model it for me later today.

I also have the stole re-knit almost 1/2 way completed. I thought I would be so grumpy about it, but really I am not. I enjoy the pattern a lot and the Panda Wool is really nice to work with, so suprisingly I don't mind knitting it a bit. Too bad it just makes for boring-haven't-we-already-seen-that blog posts.
It's growing though! Yay!

In GREAT FAMILY NEWS, the Musical One tried out for the musical at our high school last week. They are doing Carousel. She got one of the lead parts!!!!!!! WOO and HOO! She will be playing Carrie, which is a great part with lots of solos! Yay again!

Well I will try not to be so quiet here. I am getting into the swing of my fall schedule, so hopefully it will be better now. Oh and speaking of fall, it was very very frosty here this morning. Not sure I am quite ready for that yet.


omly said...

Next time maybe try photographing the shawl outside. I am finding my best photos usually come with indirect sunlight.

Also congratulations to your daughter!

Robbyn said...

Lisa the shawl and the stole both look wonderful - though 'm looking forward to seeing it against a more hospitable background :)

It was 48F here this morning - the coolest we've had in quite a while. I hope your plants came through okay!

Kniterella said...

Your shawl looks lovely - I'd be interested in seeing some more photos of it.

I am intolerant to noise--my SIL says there is some type of disorder...I am skeptical.

Congrats to The Musical One!

AlisonH said...

Beautiful lace. And congratulations to your daughter--that's wonderful!

Catherine Kerth said...

Give musical one big hugs from the Kerth's! Woooo Hoooo! you're going to have to blog video instead of pictures this year ;)

i wish i could see the shawl better! i looks great!

tiennie said...

Lovely! Congrats to the Musical One!

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of unnecessary noise, too.

The shawl and stole look beautiful.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Musical One!

Tarilyn said...

Such a soft and quiet shawl. How appropriate (and pretty).

Angie said...

You're knitting projects are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Perhaps we'll arrange a Ravelry knit night sometime soon for all of us in the GR area.