Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Month (or more) in Mosaic

Ok, since I am soooo far behind on blogging I have decided to do a little mosaic of just a few of the things I have been doing over the last month or so.

1. Stash enhancement from FatCatKnits.
2. Stash enhancement from Uniquely Yours Fiber Club.
3. Shetland handspun for a sweater for me (I hope I bought enough).
4. Handspun from CJKopec roving.
5. Handspun from above batt (pic #2).
6. Handspun sock yarn from Yarn Hollow wool/silk roving.
7. A visit to Windswept Farms. They have the sweetest sheep I have ever met!
8. I fell in love with a sheep named Zinc from the farm in pic 7.
9. Oh yeah, I had a birthday.

So that's part of what I have been up to in my lazy absence. There has been more spinning, secret knitting, hanging with friends, spinning group every Monday (the best group ever!), work, enjoying time with the kids, camping etc. It's really been a nice summer. Allegan Fiber Festival is next weekend along with another visit to the sheep farm, and I am really looking forward to that!
We leave for camping again tomorrow. It will probably be my last time this summer unless we decide to head out for Labor Day weekend. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. In just a few short weeks the kids will be back in school, the weather will start to change and before we know it winter will be here. (I know, terrible thought.)
I hope you are all enjoying your summer as well. Take care!

(If you want to make your own mosaic, you can go here.)

8 comments: said...

Nice job on saving yourslef from typing a whole months worth, you actually did but in shorthand!!! Love all of it, Wonderful that your enjoying the summer. Your still a youngster!!! Love ya marion

Donna said...

Nice colors! Sounds like the farm was fun. I just love those sheep faces!

And happy 4-0! It only gets better from here.....

Opal said...

Beautiful monthly mosaic. You should do that more often.. or something.

I'm going to miss you while you're camping. Have fun!

Kim said...

see...I KNEW you were spinning up a storm, I just knew it. Everything is lovely and the shetland is incredible.

Enjoy camping - hope to see you soon for more fiber enhancement opportunities.

Robbyn said...

Sounds like you've been having a busy and very productive summer! Good for you :)

40 isn't so bad - in fact, for me, it was a whole lot better than 20. Think how much morw you know and can do now than then. Isn't that coolness?

Have fun camping!!

tiennie said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Karen said...

Well you have been busy! Love all the fiber and pretty handspun. Happy belate birthday! Man, I would love to be 40 again!

AlisonH said...

Happy birthday!