Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back and catching up!

Well I am back from NJ. We had a really good time. The wedding was very nice, the reception was fabulous (WOW! The seafood!!!!!) and it was great to see some of family members again. I haven't seen some of them in years, so it was great! I forgot my camera though, so I have no pics. We walked to the ocean from my uncle's house. They live a couple of blocks from Pt. Pleasant beach. We drove past the boardwalk and saw some gorgeous multi-million dollar homes. Sigh.......

I am glad to be back though, because of course, much work awaited my return. I am finally catching my breath a bit, but I really feel bad I haven't updated before now.

I have been knitting.....a little.

I finished this little blankie for my niece Kennedy (aka Peep to me). She has this little attachment to another yellow blankie (appropriately named Yellow - gotta love kids), but her other one is falling apart. So I thought we would try this one, to make original Yellow last a little longer. This yarn is called Heaven or something, I lost the band. It is very, very soft and not that horrible to work with. It only took me a few hours in the car to finish it. Parker was feeling the yarn, and now he wants one too. So yesterday I picked up a skein of blue and one of white to make one for him too. Easy project - Yay!

Also on the ride to NJ I finally started my Maggie's Tote (Fiber Trends pattern). I am using some handpainted yarn from Briar Rose Fibers. I am alternating between skeins a little, hoping for a bit of subtle striping. The colors scream autumn to me, very appropriate for this time of year. Brrrr, it is supposed to get down in the 30's here tonight. Hey! It might be time to start an afghan hehe. (yes I will say anything to justify making THAT blanket!)

No progress on the shawls, minimal progress on the socks and I still haven't found another skein of yarn for the cardi. I have a couple more local stores to try, so I hope I get lucky.

I should be exercising, because, wow, I think I ate enough for 3 people last weekend. YIKES! Does cleaning count?.........I didn't think so.

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Catherine Kerth said...

i love that blankie! and heavean feels just like that, HEAVEN! ;) i love the colors in the yarn that you're using for the maggie bag! can't wait to see it all worked up... to bad no pics, next wedding right?