Sunday, September 03, 2006

No pain, no gain....

I am having a bit of hand pain. When our family got in a car accident last year (we were hit head-on by a teenage driver), I must have gripped the door handle a little too hard while crashing, and damaged something in my middle finger. Now when I knit or crochet too much, it can flare up. Today it is quite sore, so I am taking a little break.

I would love to keep on knitting and crocheting/starting new projects, especially now that the new Magknits is up! I particularly want to make Seaside and the Lombard Street socks. I have to keep up the chant......I will not cast on, I will not cast on, or start anything new, or start anything new. Believe me, I know I won't last long, seriously! I know myself well enough to realize that the temptation will win. Ooooh, good grief the new Knitty will be out soon too! Aghhh....what is a girl to do? I have no chance! I am, however, determined to finish up a couple of UFO's from the past, and I have been faithfully working on them.....really! I promise I will show them off soon!

Oh, and I am going to call my sewing teacher Tues, so hopefully I can have a lesson sometime next week! I love crafty stuff!!!!

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Shelley said...

I am sooo like that too. I keep telling myself that I won't start anything new until I get the UFO's completed (or nearly competed). Tonight I started another project...though it's nearly done (it's a hat). But still...I really need to stop starting new projects