Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You've got MAIL!!!!!

I love it when I get knitterly mail! Today my mailperson brought this:

This is the yummy new handpainted yarn from my friend Catherine. She asked if I would test knit a skein for her and of course I said YES!!!!! You can read about her dyeing adventures on her blog. This skein is called Night and it is gorgeous. The depth of color is amazing. I can't wait to knit this up.

There are all shades of blue with some splashes of white (stars). The deepest blue looks almost black. She named this color perfectly. It definitely reminds me of the night sky. She has other colors available too. If you want to see them, visit her Etsy shop.

I have been working on the Bearfoot socks, I am past the heel now and almost through the gusset decreases. The rest of the foot should go pretty fast now. I work on these in the daytime if I can, because the yarn is pretty dark, and the old eyes don't see like they used to. I'm still loving the pattern and the yarn.

The GIANT bag has been bound off. The pattern calls for a turned over hem at the top, so I need to whipstitch that, and then I can felt it! YAY!!

Confession time. (hangs head in shame)
I bought two balls of Noro yesterday.
I don't know if I can hold out much longer.
I'm not kidding, that Lizard Ridge is haunting me! HELP!


JennyRaye said...

No kidding....I went to bed thinking about it last night. Check out Julia at moontea--she found Kureyon on sale....and has bought almost enough to make Lizard Ridge. I so want to make that blanket. It would look brilliant on my antique iron bed......

Diane said...

Hope Catherine didn't have to twist your arm too hard to get you to agree to test that beautiful yarn. Thanks for giving me yet another handpainted yarn person to check out on etsy.

Opal said...

I love that yarn! Thanks for another vendor to drool over. And yet another afghan pattern to put on my if I could I would.