Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sorry, but I only have time for a quickie post today. This week has been crazy again. I did have a little knitting time and I am happily chugging along on the Lopi sweater.

I did make a stupid mistake on the chart and had to rip a few rows, but I am back on track now. I would really like to finish the fronts this weekend. Hopefully I will have some knitting time tomorrow because I will be at a volleyball tournament all day today.

I also started a new pair of socks, and I am working on a pair of slippers for the hubby. That's all the knitting for today.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers for my family. The funeral and dad's surgery went well. I'm just glad this week is almost over...whew!


Robbyn said...

Take a break sweetie - have a bubble bath, read a trashy romance - relax for a while.

Even if you have to tie the kids up somewhere to do it :)

Christine said...

I second Robbyn's suggestion! Don't forget the candel light, glass of wine and soothing music........ and have hubby sound proof the walls so you can just get away!

Opal said...

The sweater looks great. I hope you find some peace at some point during the weekend.

Shelley said...

The sweater is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product. Really, some day I'm going to have to do a "big girl" sweater (I have only really done sweaters for kids so far) the colours in yours!

Zaz said...

hi :-)
we are in the same "knitting scarves" yahoo group, i am parisian. i saw this sweater and it reminded me of a grey one i had helped mom with in the color chart part. it was my first "jacquard". i just discovered fairisle, i still ask myself questions about it such as: do you pass the yarn you are going to WORK over or under the other one?
thank you for answering and do drop have a coffee at my "blog" :-)