Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big Ole Update

Well, we are still snowed in here, well sorta. They are just advising people not to go out unless necessary. We continue to get snow, and the temps are in the single digits or below. It now looks like this out my windows:

It just keeps getting deeper and more slippery on the roads here.
School was cancelled again today. Two days in a row is unheard of here. We are not wimps. We live in Michigan!

I looks beautiful from INSIDE, but yuck, this weather pattern can move on anytime now!

I do like the amount of knitting I get done when I can't go anywhere.

I made another hat for The Monkey, because he was so crushed that he lost his other one. He loves the new one, although I think I could have made it a tad bit longer.

I also started a new project for The Sporty One. She got a new coat and didn't have a hat to match.

So far I made her a bulky earflap hat, and started a scarf. I am going to embellish these a bit more with the contrasting yarn, and maybe make her a pair of mittens too. Wow can you knit something quick in this big ole bulky yarn! Fun stuff! She is bugging me like every 5 minutes to finish them, so I guess I will be working on this project today.

I actually have more progress too. A LONG-IGNORED UFO is now officially sewn together and just needs blocking. YAY FOR ME! This thing has been haunting me for way too long! I also made some progress on the Hedera socks. I would have even more progress if I had not been surfing blogland and obsessing over knee socks! I want to knit some, but haven't really found a cuff-down pattern yet. I keep seeing lots of toe-up versions which are gorgeous, but as of yet, I have not mastered the toe-up sock. I am also concerned about yardage. How many yards do knee socks actually take? Help me out readers! I need to make some knee socks!

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Opal said...

Yikes! What weather you're having. Stay warm! It's nice to see that you've been keeping busy with the knitting though. I can't wait to see your Hedera socks.