Monday, April 10, 2006

Okay, down to business.

After being so silly yesterday, today I will get back to some serious knitting business.

I made a little progress on the sweater. This yarn is really nice to work with. A little splitty, but nice and soft, and I just love this color.

I really need to work on this more. Now that the incredibly boring ribbing is done, I might actually pick it up more often. I only did 8 inches of the ribbing. I can't imagine doing 12. Ribbing is worse than stockinette if you ask me.

I also have been working on these lace socks:

A friend of mine gave me the pattern. I really like them. The yarn is Lornas Laces in an unknown colorway if you're wondering. I got it from a lady that was destashing and it was already balled up when I got it. Sorry. I have another pair of Fixation socks going too, but no pic of those yet.

I am one of those people who is always somewhat behind the times. I just signed up for Bloglines this week and WOW do I love it. Bookmarks stink next to Bloglines. I can't believe how much time it saves me. Now I can keep track of even more blogs. If you are even more out of the loop than me, you really need to check it out.

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trek said...

Looking good. I am doing a pair of socks for my Neatnik in nearly the same robin's egg, maybe a little darker; it's a great color.