Sunday, April 09, 2006

I have this disease.........

I call it Startitis. You might have it too. It's major symptoms usually include more than a few of the following:
  1. Starting new projects at random.
  2. Starting new projects when you don't really have the time for new projects.
  3. Starting new projects when you are bored or discouraged.
  4. Starting new projects when your brain is on creativity overload.
  5. Starting new projects when you already have too many on the needles.
  6. Starting new projects when you have a yarn that is dying to be knit.
  7. Starting new projects when you are "just browsing" through your many patterns.
  8. Starting new projects while surfing blogs.
  9. Starting new projects just because YOU ARE ADDICTED TO IT!!

I think I see a pattern here. Do you have these symptoms or others I have failed to mention? Do you think you may have this disease? (I've also heard it called Knitter's ADD) I've read that it's extremely contagious. By the way, it's symptoms can also transfer to other areas of crafting. I hope I haven't infected any of you just by allowing you to read about it. And no, I am not going to count my projects just to see how bad my case of Startitis is. I will only tell you that I have started 2 new pairs of socks, and am trying to resist the temptation to start some more. Maybe we should start a support group.


Shar said...

I definitely have it. I'm actively searching for a cure, or magically find more time to do all the projects I have.

Abigale said...

Yeah, I know all about Startitis... though right now I think I have a case of the "funk". That's where you have about 8 different projects in varying degrees of completion that you could or even should work on, but they hold absolutely no appeal. What you want is that something that you can really sink your teeth into, and haven't a clue what that might be... sigh... I've been reduced to taking pictures of the contents of my purse.

Nater said...

Yeah...I'm totally feelin' ya on that one. It gets a little out of hand at times. Sometimes...when my mom's not home...I sneak onto her sewing machine and go psycho with actually turns out pretty nicely too.

...Does that make me socially unacceptable?