Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's a pair!

Okay, I will try this again! Blogger just ate my first attempt at this post.

I finally finished the lace socks. I really like them! Love the pattern, love the colors! My sweet friend Jeanie actually named this sock pattern after little ole me. How cool is that!

I was able to finish these after the solo and ensemble trip yesterday. When I got home, I only had the toe to do and that went quickly. What a long day! We left around noon and didn't get home until around 10pm. Wow, was I tired! Lauren did really well though. She received a 1 rating for her solo and for the girls choir she is in. She was excited! A 1 at state is very nice! I am so relieved! (talk about stressful!)

Now I just have to finish those other socks, and the sweater, while trying not to cast on anything new...... (I'm not at all sure that's gonna happen!)


trek said...

They look really great!

Karen said...

Beautiful socks!

Vigdis said...

Hello there !
The Lisa laces are just beautiful !! Can't wait !!!
Love Vigdis, Norway

Emma said...

Love the socks. And the colors are gorgeous. Nice job!

Pennie said...

Pretty socks, nice detail.
Enjoyed reading your blog.