Thursday, April 06, 2006

How embarassing!

I was reading a cute post over at Kate's blog about what is in your cupboard over the fridge. First of all, I barely remember there is a cupboard there, because of this:

Yeah, my cupboard is totally blocked by snacks. I can't reach in that cupboard without a chair either. Why do we even have cupboards up there if nobody can reach them?

We keep all the open chip bags etc. in this basket on top of the fridge. Hubby has a few boxes of tea up there too and the big ole bucket of pretzels. Frankly I am so embarassed by this. I am not a cluttery person, yet I don't even notice this unsightly mess of clutter. Maybe because it is above my regular line of vision? Hmmm.....

Then the inside is what I am really embarassed about.

My normally quite organized, clean type personage has a disgusting cupboard like this. Ewww, all dusty and jumbled. Totally unused stuff up there.

On the left we have:
  1. an apple corer/peeler/slicer thingy that I have only used a couple of times
  2. an egg organizer for the fridge (umm...not even our current fridge, yikes)
  3. a couple of basket liners (not even sure I have those baskets anymore)
  4. two big, really ugly, ancient Tupperware containers filled with the overflow of my out-of-control cookie cutter collection and misc other junk
  5. and in front of that was another white tupperware contain (seen in 1st pic) containing more of the same
  6. dust (Oh my goodness! YUCK!)

And on the right:

  1. ANOTHER big container with, you guessed it, more cookie cutters
  2. covers to plastic containers that I don't think exist anymore
  3. Christmas cups (no idea why they are up there, I have a different cupboard for out-of-season stuff like this already
  4. cake decorating tips (Have I ever decorated a cake with those? Um...NO!)
  5. more dust (how humiliating)

Guess what I will be doing soon? Obviously, cleaning this terrible cupboard. I hope the garbage man is ready for this.


Karen said...

Don't be embarassed, mine looks pretty much the same only more dust. Who thinks about that cabinet or what is in it? Not me. Too busy knitting and living.

RheLynn said...

I like the collection in front of the cupboard ;o) The top of my fridge (which has no actual cupboard on top of it) looks a lot like that!