Friday, April 28, 2006


Wow, I have so many of them lately! This morning I was distracted by a post on Karen's blog and really wanted to do it myself, so here it is....

I am....really silly a lot of the time.
I want....a housekeeper. (heck I might as well go for the big guns right?)
I wish....that I could design my own knitting.
I hate....a messy house. (Yet somehow mine is really not cooperating with me lately which resulted in a mini melt down yesterday. Yeah we won't talk about it anymore.)
I grandma.
I children getting hurt.
I hear....way too much noise around here. (Can't a girl just have some peace and quiet?!)
I wonder....if I will ever get a job again and what it will be.
I regret....not going to college.
I am not...patient. (AT ALL!)
I dance....really well in my mind and I stink in real life.
I sing....a lot. I love music. I especially love to hear Lauren sing though. She has a very nice voice. Mucho better than mine.
I cry....rarely, and mostly when I feel overwhelmed.
I am not always....focused. (The proof is in the post girls!)
I make with my hands....socks mostly, other knitterly things, occasional sewing projects, baked goods and food for my family, wow this list could go on too long.
I write....mostly on this blog, occasional poetry, very amateur knitting patterns and notes to myself constantly. (I am super forgetful.)
I confuse....easily and frequently? (Not gonna go there!)
I need....more time to knit or an extra set of hands.
I should....stop reading blogs and either get cleaning or knitting.
I start...too many new projects.
I many as I can.
I tag....whoever likes these things.

I love doing these. They are fun and make you think about yourself a little more. I will have some knitting progress tomorrow. Really!

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