Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring break is bad for knitting!

I have found that my knitting time is very minimal during spring break. Having a 7yr old home seriously cuts into the knitting time. I have managed to make a little progress on my sweater.

I'm not really sure how long I want this ribbing to be yet. I will have to study the picture and the pattern, then measure myself to see when I need to stop. I think I would like it to come just below my belt, so it hangs over my pants just a little.

I made a very small amount of progress on my socks. (yes, those super-evil, way-too-dark Bearfoot socks) I swear I will never get these things finished!!!! And so many other sock projects are calling my name! Loudly I might add. (especially that wonderful STR yarn)

Finish, finish, finish, finish. (If I keep chanting, do you think that will work?)

I did work on a secret project for a friend yesterday too. Only a little peek to show you.

I will show the finished project when I'm allowed to.

I'm really excited! Yesterday I finally broke down and bought this:

I could literally look at this book for hours! I love it! I think it is the best sock book I have ever seen. Very inspiring. Well, hopefully I can get a little knitting and reading done today.

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