Sunday, April 30, 2006

Only bitty bits today...

I have some progress, disgustingly small progress though. The busyness around here is astounding lately. I am totally sick of it. Anyhoo......

I finished the other front, and started the sleeves.

I don't think the sleeves will take long, IF I EVER GET A CHANCE TO KNIT! Can ya tell I'm a little grumbly about the lack of knitting time? Yeah, I thought so.

Socks are in the future too. Started a couple of new ones. Very little progress on either of them. (insert yet another grumble here)

I cannot wait until school, sports and church activities slow down. My knitting is suffering. I actually love going to all that stuff, I just get a little frustrated when there is so much of it at once. Spring is bad that way around here.

I will try to be back to my cheerful, silly self soon. Promise! If you need to be cheered up after reading this depressing post, go here. She is hilarious. I almost peed my pants laughing at her posts yesterday. If you haven't been there before, read some of the archives. They are worth it, trust me.

1 comment:

trek said...

I really like the yarn on the right? What is it?

We all know you'll sort out soon and then you will feel really knitterly and be cranking out socks like a machine.