Thursday, March 01, 2007


Enough already. This weather is nasty.
There is a layer of ice on everything, and it is still coming down. Why do I live in Michigan?
Today our state has warnings ranging from snow storm, to possible additional ice, and thunderstorms. Yuck to all of them. In the summer I love a good thunderstorm, but not now when it will flood like crazy if all this snow melts at once in addition to the rain. What a mess!

Isn't it time for spring yet?...............(yes I know I'm a whiner)
At least we have wool right?
Wool is good!


Marguerite said...

This time of year I think everyone in the region is wondering why they live in Michigan.

When in doubt remember that we don't have hurricanes or earthquakes and the roaches don't grow very large.

Opal said...

What you need is a vacation. What you need is some time with your good ol' friend Opal in the lovely clime of Hawai'i. ;-)

keri said...

Brrr- it looks chilly over there!

If it makes you feel better, I was running my AC today because it was so hot!

Robbyn said...

I hope things have moderated a bit for you :) The snow we were supposed to get was subverted by higher than expected temperatures so we wound up with rain and slush. Not attractive - but way better than ice.

Hoping things warm up for you soon!

AlisonH said...

Throw a snowball for me, wouldja? It's easy to miss it, given I don't have to shovel it anymore.