Monday, March 12, 2007


Today, that's what you get. I have nothing organized and about 5 minutes to post. It will be totally random hehe.

I did do some knitting this weekend. I finished another UFO. I had actually almost forgotten about this one, until last night when hubby reminded me about it. His slippers actually. I ran out of yarn and didn't get another skein until last week, and then I still forgot about them. So last night I finished them. I am a little worried. They will need some MAJOR felting.

These are HUGE! REALLY HUGE! I based them on the dimensions a friend gave me for men's slippers, but um, maybe her hubby has BIG feet? Let's pray they shrink A LOT!!! Hopefully I can felt them tonight.

I have been working on another sock too.

This is the new Panda Wool from Crystal Palace. It is quite nice. I like the way it feels and the colors are really great! It is a bamboo, wool and nylon blend. I would definitely use it again. I am making little anklets for my daughter for summer. So far I think they are cute.

Spinning too!

Some more BFL, this time in a really yummy brown. I absolutely love this color, and the fiber is just wonderful. Spins like a dream. I got some from JT to try, and I wish I had lots more of it lol. I am learning, and it is all so fun. My friend Shelly, who spins like a machine, has been so patient and answers all of my dumb questions.
I actually have to work today. I am a stay at home mom most of the time, but some friends needed help in the greenhouse, so I am working there this week. It should be fun. I really like working in the greenhouses, especially this time of the year when I am so sick of winter. I wonder though, if I will be touching base with some muscles I forgot I had. Ouch. I could be really sore tomorrow. I am so out of shape, it isn't even funny.
Well if you survived the all-over-the-board nature of this post, have a great day!


Opal said...

1. I'll pray that the felting works.

2. I adore that Panda Wool! The colours are so summery and fun.

3. Your spinning is looking better all the time. Keep it up!

Shelley said...

I love the Panda wool! Where did you get it from?