Friday, March 30, 2007


I completely forgot to show my latest FO. Pre-senior moment maybe? (I am not driving a Buick yet, so don't worry.)

The Panda Wool socks are done and I'm sure The Sporty One will be wearing them soon. Just a simple staggered 2x2 rib. I got a lot of compliments on this yarn when I was knitting these. I think I will be purchasing more at some point. It would be a great yarn for baby hats and socks. I might even donate a couple of little hats to the hospital. Every baby deserves a cute hat. No offense, but some I have seen at our local hospital are um...really ugly. I really should make a few for friends and relatives too, in case they are given one of those icky ones at the hospital.

I have started a bit of spring knitting. Cotton feels pretty good right now.

I am optimistic that eventually Michigan weather will actually allow me to wear this.

I'm still spinning a little too (when I can). I would love to hear your favorite fiber sources if you care to share them.

I need my knitting and spinning too, for sanity. Lately I have been a little, shall we say, frazzled? Too much stress and too little time for me.

P.S. I took the girls shopping today. I am now broke, tired and grumpy (hehe). If you live in Michigan and cannot at least drive the minimum speed limit, properly use your turn signals, leave a reasonable amount of space while cutting in front of someone or generally just don't know how to drive, will you please STAY OUT OF MY LANE?!!

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Shelley said...

Great socks! I really want to try some of that Panda wool. I saw the Hydranga colour on their site and fell in love with it.