Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Fever!

It is spring break here, which in Michigan, about 9 years out of 10, means super crappy weather. Today it was pouring when I got up. The next 3 days have temps in the mid 30's and SNOW! It is spring break! I am SICK of snow! Oh well, nothing I can do about it. I can still enjoy other things about spring I guess.
Hubby picked these for me yesterday (what a sweetie). I just love daffodils.
The spring knitting is going great! I am zipping along on the little lace cardi.
All the pieces are knitted, I am ready to bind off the button band stitches, and then I just need to set in the sleeves and finish seaming. Yay. This thing is flying off the needles.

Some happiness from the greenhouses for you:

And a little fibery drool too...

Gorgeous huh? If you want some for yourself, Coppermoose is the place to go! (Sugar maple is what I got.)
Have a good day everyone! Think spring!!!!


Robbyn said...

Oh your lace cardi looks fabuous! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you've assembled it.

Thanks for the flower pictures too - especially the pansy. Such beautiful little harbingers of nicer weather :)

Opal said...

What a sweet DH! I'm glad I finally got to see the lace cardi. Can't wait for you to finally model it. :-)

AlisonH said...

Look at those flowers! And that cardi. Gorgeous! I need me some pansies like that.

Tarilyn said...

Oh how I long to see fresh flowers...we got LOTS of snow. Your white lace is a pleasant reminder that warmer weather will come eventually...