Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Imagine a great title.

I don't have one. I have completely random things to show today too. The creative side of my brain must be on vacation this morning (and I am in a hurry).

First, I made some progress on the pink sweater. I really should put it on some waste yarn and try it on, but eh, I am being lazy.

If it doesn't fit, I will be sorry. This pattern is very simple and easy to take along wherever I go. I want to finish it quickly, because Green Gable is next on my list.

I started some new socks too. They are my own pattern in the new Panda Cotton. This yarn is really interesting. It is a little like Fixation, but finer and much easier to work with. I love the soft color too. It's such a nice periwinkle color! I think these will be very comfortable socks. So far I really like them.

Thanks Sue for letting me try this yarn!

In random household news:

My disgusting countertops are being replaced this week. I can't believe I have lived with them for this long (they are about 16 years old). I ended up with some nasty discoloration underneath my bread box and cutting board. See those yucky yellow/brown areas? Ugh. They are in such bad shape. Good riddance. I will show you the new stuff when some of it is installed, cuz it is much prettier! Woo hoo! Oh, and I am getting a new floor too! Yay!

This week I have been spending lots of time at soccer games (the 3rd one this week is tonight) and catching things up around home. Today it is back to work, but that is okay, because I need some spending money. My friend Sal and I are going on a bus trip to Chicago on Sat. I bet two crazy knitters can sniff out some yarn shops, don't you agree?! And just think of all that knitting time on the 7-8 hours worth! Woot! Have a fibery good day!

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Opal said...

Your sweater and socks looks fab. I really like Green Gable! Can't wait to see you get that on the needles. Is that going to be pink too?