Thursday, April 12, 2007

5 Questions

I was reading Maia's blog the other day (I love it by the way!), and I really loved this post. I commented to her that I liked it and she offered to send me some questions. That Maia, she is so nice, I stalk read her blog regularly, for inspiration (I want to grow up to be a spinner like Maia hehe). I love reading about her spinning. Ahhh anyway, enough about my secret crush admiration of Maia and on to her great questions.

1. Obviously, your favorite color is pink. If you had to give up pink (horror!) what color would become your new favorite? I loved this question, especially her little "horror" stuck in there. (Not kidding, I would have totally said "Oh, the horror!" at the thought of no more pink.) It's true I definitely love pink! I actually love a lot of colors. I wear a lot of brown (it's my favorite color in my wardrobe right now), I like soft greys, burgundy, some greens, and light aqua. So, I guess I didn't really pick a new favorite, but I do like all of those colors too.

2. You are the mother of three really beautiful children. In what unexpected ways have they changed your life? Well first, thank you, I think they are beautiful too, but yeah, they are mine, so I have to think that hehe. I love being a mom, even though sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world. It is challenging, yet definitely rewarding. I think they have made me grow up for one thing. I had The Musical One when I was only 21 and I was still such a baby myself. I had already been married for 3 years, but still, I was so young. I would never recommend getting married that young to my children, but it worked for us. They have also taught me a lot about love, responsibilty, personal accountability (they are watching your every move) and not always having to be #1. If you don't know it already, when you are the mom, you are rarely if ever #1. So if you are a selfish drama queen, don't have kids! Not sure those things are completely unexpected, but those are some of the changes.

3. What is your favorite thing to do on a date night (just you and hubby and I'm only asking for PG13 details at most)? Actually, we are a little, um, BORING lol. We will usually go out to dinner and either stop at the store, do a little shopping or just sit at the restaurant and talk. We are just happy to be together. Many times we have just stayed home, rather than go out. We are both incredibly content people and really don't need to eat at fancy restaurants, go to every movie that comes out, or be out socializing every weekend. Yupp, kinda boring, but happy.

4. Congratulations on your new Majacraft wheel. What got you interested in spinning? I have a great group of online friends and most of them are great spinners. I said I would never learn to spin, but they convinced me that I really NEEDED to learn. They were right. I love it. Love it. Love it. I'm still a little spin challenged, but the love is there. (I figure the skills will come later, no?) Another thing that inspired me was all the gorgeous handspun all over the internet, especially the crack gorgeous fiber from Crown Mountain Farms. (I am dying to get my hands on some of that stuff.)

5. I read that you have always lived in Michigan. If you were to move outside of the United States, where would you be interested in living? First, I would never move out of the states unless my ENTIRE family came with me. I am big on being close to family. But......if I had to choose, I might move to Hawaii (Hi Opal). No wait. Hawaii is a state. It does seem like a whole different world to us here on the mainland though. Yeah, I hope you all know I was totally just kidding. I would have to be a dumber than a box of rocks to not know that Hawaii is a state. So anyhoo, maybe I would choose St. Maarten. I have only been there on vacations for short periods of time though. I'm not sure if I would want to live there for, like forever or anything. I guess if I had to move I would just pick somewhere warmer than Michigan. I am getting a bit cranky after the snowstorm we had this week and temps in the 30's rather than the normal 50's. It is just not right to go from 75 degrees a couple weeks ago, to this nasty weather (again). And I have a daughter that is playing soccer now....outside....yeah you get it. UGH! Smiley courtesy of

Well that's all folks, (if you're still awake)Smiley courtesy of . Thanks again Maia!

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Great answers Lisa!

Thank you for your sweet words about me. You are making me blush woman.