Sunday, April 22, 2007


Apparently I am in a thinking/contemplating mood. As a result I have a few observations.

*Perhaps I am a really bad blogger. Sniff.

*If you have self esteem issues, maybe you should not blog. (lack of comments can be devastating if you let it)

*I am much snarkier in person than I am on the blog. I find it very hard to let my real personality come through on the blog.

*Did you know you can do a Chicago yarn crawl and not buy one thing? True. Really. I did it yesterday. Amazing.

*I make the same typo every time I am on the computer. Couple is not spelled coupld. I know this. So, why do I type it this way constantly?

*Loose and lose are not interchangeable words. Some bloggers do not know this. You do not loose a knitting needle. You lose it and then pray you find it back before you sit on it and need to have it surgically removed from your backside.

*Reading blogs can be good and bad. Very inspirational, and fun, yet I can waste so much time doing it, that I get nothing of my own done. It can also cause crafting ADD and/or internet addiction problems lol.

*Sunny skies and temps above 70 can make a person deliciously happy.

*Finding the perfect crochet pattern for a little lace cardi can take a very long time, or quite possibly, never be achieved at all.

*Having remodeling/redecorating done on your house can really disrupt your knitting, blogging, crafting, and online activities. (the adhesive used for laminate counters stinks so bad it can cause an immediate excruciating headache)

*I want a housekeeper. I find this hilariously funny. I AM a housecleaner for others, WHY can I not keep my own house clean?

*I think the chicken came first.


trek said...

I agree with you on the chicken.

Janelle said...

It's interesting that you feel you're snarkier in person than on your blog. I think a lot of people are the other way around--they say things on their blog that they wouldn't normally say to someone's face.

And I totally agree with you about reading blogs! Right now I'm torn between getting some knitting done and catching up on the hundreds of unread posts that Bloglines says I have waiting for me. Being a blog that starts with A, yours is at the top. I fear I'll never get to the Yarn Harlot again. Or I'll never knit again. They seem to be mutually exclusive.

aija said...

I hope chickens came first.

Eggs are yuck. :)

Randi said...

"*I am much snarkier in person than I am on the blog. I find it very hard to let my real personality come through on the blog."

I feel the same way!

Robbyn said...

Interesting list - thanks for sharing.

I also note that I am snarkier (snippier, snottier - whatever) in real life than on the blog - but I think this might be just wanting to put my best foot forward in public? I mean I know my own shortcomings and find them moderately distressing. Why on earth, if I had any control over it, would I want to show those things to others? And why would they bother reading the blog if I did?

Marguerite said...

On a good comments post only 1% of my readers leave a comment. Having a contest and giving away free stuff that any knitter would want, I can get it up to 10%.

I guess that's OK. I'm just glad people come to read it. And, to confess, I'm not all that great at leaving comments on other blogs unless there's something I really want to say.

Dana said...

I tend to be more sarcastic in person than online/on paper. But usually it's with people that know me, and tone is hard to translate online.

Thanks for speaking up about the loose/lose thing. That's one of my biggest peeves, when people don't know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Don't let lack of comments get you down; many more people read than those who leave comments. I'm guilty of reading many blogs without commenting when I'm trying to catch up on the blog reading.

I'm also "snarkier" in real life than on my blog. Not only do I find it hard to translate it onto the blog, but I'm also afraid if I did, it might be taken the wrong way.

When you find that perfect lace cardi crochet pattern, be sure to let me know!

Tarilyn said...

I too am much "snarkier" in real life, and that includes a potty mouth, and as much as I like getting comments, I often am guilty of reading without posting. BTW, I always type "yarn" when I'm trying to type "yard". Now what do you suppose that means??

Maia said...

Wow, who knew that so many are snarkier in person? You can add me to the list for the same reasons already stated.

I don't know what to do about people who don't comment. I love when people comment on my blog because then I get to meet bloggers like you. :D

I want a housekeeper too. Can you find someone to swap housecleaning with?

JennyRaye said...

Interesting observations.

I agree about the chicken.

I won't tell you what word I misspell almost every time I type it. It's knitting related, so I type it a lot.

Opal said...

Wow. You went to on a Chicago yarn crawl and did not buy a single thing? Amazing! Now does that speak of will power or of the yarn stores you went to?

I continually misspell the same words, which is why I adore Firefox. It has a built in spell checker.