Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I may just go insane!

I think my right eye is twitching. The remodeling mess is really getting to me. My house is in chaos people, yes, total drive-me-crazy-utterly-unacceptable chaos!

That's the front entry. Ugh. But oh, it gets worse!

There's the progress on the kitchen. (Notice I am missing a stove and refrigerator.)
Oh wait, there they are, in the freaking dining room! GAH!!!! This is driving me nuts. We had to empty a huge closet/pantry for the job, so part of it is all over the dining room table. Poor Brodie is stuck in the middle of the dining room too. His bed is usually in the bath off the kitchen. I had to remind him this morning where his food is.

And......all that stuff from the closet that didn't come close to fitting on my table?
It's currently residing in my bedroom. Sniff. I can barely get to my closet or my bed, and it might be a couple days yet until I can put it all back in it's normal neat order. (You can't hear me wailing can you?) Oh, just put me out of my misery.....or send yarn.....your choice.
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Robbyn said...

Geez - that all has got to be annoying as hell! Hopwfully it will be over quickly and you'll be able to restore order and peace.

Try not to let yourself get too worked up though - it hurts the knitting :)

tiennie said...

Deep breaths...deep breaths... It's going to be fantastic!

Beth said...

Looks like you need a trip to the soothing spinning shop for a little yoga like spinning ;)

Asa said...

Hang in there! You'll be laughing about this in a few months...


Opal said...

What chaos! Just keep in mind that it will look gorgeous once it's all said and done.

AlisonH said...

Been there, lived through that, spent $40k fixing the contractor's mistakes afterwards, including the roof he trashed... You have my greatest sympathies!

Tarilyn said...

Oh dear, how I sympathize! You just have to wear blinders for a while and sing under your breath "I see nothing! noTHING!" like Schultz on Hogan's Heroes.