Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy feet

If you were hoping for penguins, sorry. Only happily-clad-by-handknits feet here. Yay! I felted the slippers from Knit 2 Together. They turned out really cute.

This pattern is so fast. Literally you can knit a pair in a couple of hours. The embellishing is another story. I am not kidding, it took me longer to put those silly lines on than it did to knit the slippers. I kept pulling it out because they were not straight enough, or not spaced properly, etc. If you are a perfectionist, for the sake of your sanity, pick a different embellishment! I definitely have plans for more of these. If you haven't already, buy the book! It's well worth the money, I mean, can you believe that price? Too cute to pass up!

I also finished a footie. Off the foot, these look freakishly long, but they do fit my daughter's size 8 1/2 foot quite well.

She doesn't have elf feet, really! They remind me of jelly beans. Fun colors, woot!

In other news, I have been sucked in to the giant hole of time spent, otherwise known as Ravelry. You can get lost in there for days! DAYS! I have finally managed to get a few of my projects listed (few, few). If I had always been a regular Flickr user it might not be taking me this long, but I have to upload everything there first. I am not fast at this. Not fast at all. Then all the labeling, getting distracted by other projects, looking for forgotten info about said projects, getting distracted by yarn, waiting for the bookshelf to load, finding friends. EEEEK! Time suck I tell ya, GIANT TIME SUCK! (I'm under "yenforyarn", look me up!)


Opal said...

cute slippers! i love the embellishments, even if they were a PITA.

i knew you'd love ravelry once you got to know it. *bwahahaha*

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Love how the slippers turned out. I need to remember that pattern later this winter so I can knit some. As for Ravelry, glad you're having fun. I know how much of a time suck it can be. I actually stopped putting project photos on Flickr, and am waiting for when they add more photo options. Flickr always loads so slowly for me.

Robbyn said...

Those slippers are hot! Really cute - and warm too - what more could you ask?

Ravelry - I'm still way down on the list...pout...

tiennie said...

Those slippers are really cute! Yay for Ravelry!

Alpaca Granny said...

I just went to Amazon and ordered the book. Thanks for suggesting it.