Thursday, August 23, 2007

Next week

I am SOOOO looking forward to next week. I have been home from camping since Sat and life has been pure chaos since then. The kids go back to school on Tuesday (can you say ahhhh?), so we have been buying a few last minute school supplies, getting organized and trying to enjoy these last few days of our summer.

On Sunday the hubby and I snuck out for a couple of hours to the Michigan Fiber Festival. I really didn't think I would get there this year, because technically (hehe) I didn't NEED anything. I do like to go and look around and I am very glad I did! I got to meet an internet friend! Maple and I have been commenting on each other's blogs for a while now, and I finally got to meet her in person. I also bought this from her:

I got 8 oz of this delicious alpaca. It's such a beautiful color. I just love all the natural colors! Aren't her labels cute? They have the picture and name of the actual animal that the fiber comes from. I think that is so great! I am anxious for school to start so I can get back to my spinning.

In other stash enhancement news, I recently entered a contest on the Loopy Ewe's blog. I happened to be chosen as one of the winners! YAY! This is what Sheri sent:

3 skeins of sock yarn! I have never tried any of these before either, so I was really excited to open this package. I will have lots of socks to knit this winter. Or maybe I will branch out and make one of those beautiful scarves out of two colors of sock yarn. Oh the possibilities!

Hopefully life will be back to a good schedule soon, and the blogging won't suffer quite so much. Thanks to all who stuck with me despite my lack of good content this summer.


Robbyn said...

Welcome home :) That alpaca looks wonderful and I'll be interested to see how you spin it up.

The sock yarns are very perky and cheerful - I can practically see them grinning there :) How fun is that?

tiennie said...

Congrats for winning! Enjoy the loot!

Opal said...

Congratulations on winning the contest! Those sock yarns are lovely!

I can't wait for next week either. Maybe then we'll stop missing each other.

Anonymous said...

Since when does "needing" have anything to do with a fibery purchase? :-)