Saturday, March 08, 2008

Something new

This week was a time of new things for me. First I started spinning some new fiber. This is Crown Mountain Farms pencil roving in Chocolate Bar. It is very hard to photograph and get the colors right. This is the best I could get.
I split it into 2 - 4oz balls so I can spin two singles and ply them together. I am anxious to see them plied together because they are quite different. Half of the fiber was much darker than the other, so that should be interesting.

The first one is dark chocolate brown, some black and dark copper.
The 2nd one (excuse the crappy flashed out pic) is more rusty, peach and brown. I hope I like them when they finally meet up. I do love the barber poling effect, so hopefully I will get some of that.
I really want to finish it so that I can start this!

I got this gorgeous stuff from Pigeon Roof and it is even prettier in person. I am dying to spin it.
Also in the mail this week, I received a wonderful package from Opal in Hawaii. It was a total surprise and I totally love it. It was a little because of these!

They are delicious whole macadamia nuts covered in chocolate. I bit one in 1/2 there and laid it on top of the box so you could see the inside. I can't even tell you how yummy and how much of a treat they are to me.

Also in the box was this gorgeous pair of gloves. They are in my favorite colors (pink and green) and they fit perfectly! I have really long fingers, and can rarely find a pair of gloves with fingers long enough for me. Now I have some and they are handmade by a friend. How perfect! I absolutely love them. Thanks Opal!!!!


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn - I think it the two singles are going to be beuatiful together. And very beautiful gloves - what a nice gift!

Robbyn said...

Heh, I remember those gloves :) They look great on your hands and I'm drowning in my own drool here over those macadamias!

Your finshed yarn should be interesting - warm and subtle and you'll have enough to do something really nice with it :)

Kim said...

Love that brown and can't wait to see it plied! Someone knit gloves for you? You lucky girl!

Opal said...

Oh your spinning is beautiful! I can't wait to see them plied!

I'm so glad you're enjoying your goodies! (I'll stop with the exclamation points now...)

AlisonH said...

Those gloves are exquisite! WOW! Someday, when I'm a real knitter, I'll make something like that... I mean it. Those are wonderful.

I have some Crown Mountain, both that I've spun a little of and that a friend spun some of for me--nice, nice stuff, great hand to it and the finished yarn comes out so pretty. Lots of interesting variants while being fairly solid all at the same time--I really like it.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

The gloves are gorgeous, lucky!! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the 2 ply will look gorgeous! I can't wait to see it.

What lovely gloves!

Diane said...

It's hard to top chocolate covered macadamia nuts as a gift but those gloves certainly do. Just beautiful!