Monday, September 25, 2006

Now THAT'S a bag...

I am making some progress on my tote. This thing is huge. I think I could carry a small child in it pre-felting.

I also finished the two yards of i-cord. 8 stitch i-cord. Did I mention how much I HATE doing i-cord? I think I have about 12 or so rows to go. Then I can shrink the thing, YAY!

I started a new pair of socks too. I am not very far but they are looking nice. Here is a close up of the stitches.

I am using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the Pheasant colorway. I love it so far. I am using Marguerite's More Fun Than Cables pattern. It would probably show up better on a solid yarn, but I just love this yarn, so I am going with it. I got this skein as a gift from a good friend. She doesn't like the mohair in it, but I think it's yummy. Lucky me!

I am really hoping for more knitting time, but things have just not been going my way I tell ya! Friday my dad had to go for another hand surgery. My sis and I ended up going to the hospital, because when he came out he was having chest pains. YIKES! Scared us half to death. They did release him after lots of testing and seeing a heart specialist, but now he needs to go for a stress test to check his heart more thoroughly. At the same time, his brother was in the hospital because of a heart attack. Good grief! You know what? I am sick of drama lol. My life has had enough of it lately. It can only get better right? Aren't you glad you are not related to me?

Last but not least, Brodie says hi! (sorry for the el-crapo pic - one of the kids took it, but it looks so much like him!)

Awww....isn't he cute?


Kathy said...

I really love that felted bag. I keep thinking about getting the pattern and making it.

I hate i-cord, too. I bought an i-cord maker to avoid making it. :)

JennyRaye said...

I have yarn all picked out to make a felted bag, but don't have a pattern per se. I was going to wing it. What are your dimensions pre-felting and what are they supposed to be after felting? I want a fairly sizeable bag when finished, so I'll probably need to be able to fit a motorcycle in mine before it's felted.

Love your bag--Fiber Trends pattern, right?

Diane said...

I'm so glad your dad is ok. Hope your uncle will be doing well soon.
Love the bag. I can't wait to see it finished. Felting is like magic.

Karen said...

I hate i-cord too. Lots.

Catherine Kerth said...

glad your dad is okay ;) love that pattern and color! hmmmm wonder what you'll be working on next? please blog about it i want to see ASAP!

Marguerite said...

Yes Brodie is cute!

And love the way your socks are turning out. Gorgeous yarn.