Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Girly Girl and Duh!

I finished knitting some slippers for my neice. She is such a girly girl. She loves frou-frou, glitz, ruffles, well pretty much all things girly. I think she will like these.

I need to felt them yet, but don't they look cute already!

And, hehe, they will match perfectly with the little bag I made for her.

Double cute eh? When I catch up on my laundry I will felt them. Then I just need to sew a little button on the bag, and waalaa, one Christmas present done!

By the way, can ya all wish me some extra brain power? The musical seems to have eaten all of mine. Case in point: I received a note home from P's teacher asking for some corn muffins. Their class is having a Thanksgiving feast on Tues Nov 21. So last night I am thinking at musical....tomorrow is Tues...do I have to do anything tomorrow? Corn muffins popped into my head (the Tues thing is what got me). So I come home and bake corn muffins at 10pm. Yes 10pm. Um, duh, this morning it hits me that they are not due until next week. (Insert entire body blush due to extreme embarassment here.) Yeah, stupid, stupid, stupid! Please, someone out there, fess up that you once did something kind of flaky. At least I didn't send them to school......then I would have received the queen of stupid award. Grrrr!

Duh. Yupp, just duh.

P.S. I hope nobody snorted coffee out of their nose, while laughing at me.


Lynn said...

I am sure I have done equally 'dumb' thing too. Can't think of one at the moment. Pop those corn muffins in to a zipper lock bag and freeze them. That way you won't have to bake them again next Monday night at 10:00 pm.


JeanTownsend said...

or mail them to me. oh home baked corn muffins. after my big felting failure today I think I could put a big dent in those muffins!!

Shelley said...

The slippers are going to look so cute, especially with the purse! Excellent job!

As for the corn muffins - don't look at it as being stupid (cause you're not), look at it as being practice for next week :o).

Dana said...

Ohmigosh! The slippers are the cutest!

Catherine Kerth said...

hehehehehehe! thats great....the musical has totaled whats left of the mommy mush brain :)

JennyRaye said...

too funny!!!

Slippers and bag are darling--perfect girly girl gift.

Opal said...

The bag and slippers are adorable! That corn muffin story is hilarious. Of course I've done things like that before. I live in a fog remember.

Pennie said...

cute sock/purse set :> Enjoyed visiting your blog too. Where in Michigan are you from, I'm in Illinois but I'm originally from Clawson/Troy area (18years) now in IL. Just wondering about where your at to see if you know of any great yarn stores that might be where I will visit.

Woman who knits said...

Love the ensemble!!=) Cute, cute colors!!!