Friday, November 03, 2006

Note to self

Toe-ups are not fun.

Me and the toe-ups......
we are not friends.

We may never become friends.

They don't like me.
I don't like them more.

My precious first skein ever of Koigu has been frogged at least 5 times. I have almost cursed way more times than that. I will only do these again if absolutely necessary. (as in only if it is life and death)

Currently I am trying the turkish cast on. It is going okay. Although if I were knitting a cuff down sock, I would have 1/2 a leg done by now. Just sayin. What do you toe-up people see in this method besides being able to use every bit of yarn? It is so fiddly. More than fiddly. Pain in my butt fiddly.

I am a cuff down girl. Period.

I will not let the toe-ups beat me. I will win. And then I will cackle with glee. And tell myself that they were only for a challenge, I mastered it, so now I don't have to do them again. It will be a lie. The truth is....
so far I just hate them.

Dang how I wish those Sodera knee socks were cuff down. Pout.


Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Here is an alternate toe up that is very simple to knit.

It's an 8 point toe and works great. Cast on 8 stitches. Join in a circle. Knit 1 row. Knit 1 increase 1 repeat. (16 stitches) Knit 2 rows plain. Knit 1 increase 1 repeat. Knit 2 rows plain. Knit 2 stitches increase 1 repeat. And so on and so forth until you have the total amount of stitches that you need. The toe also fits any shape of foot.

Note:I use the lifted increase or you could use a knit 1 in the front and back.

Let me know if you need help:D

JennyRaye said...

So sorry my email didn't help!!!!

The first time I tried a cuff down sock I did it with big yarn on like a 5 or 6 needle....and knit a baby sock. What if you tried that way instead of constantly frogging your precious Koigu, get some scrap yarn and practice the elements of a toe-up sock on a miniature. The techniques are the same, you just wouldn't be wasting so much time, energy, yarn.

Marguerite said...

The few times I have tried a toe up, I felt the same way. Only I didn't stick with it like you are doing. I bailed out after not being able to think of a single reason to continue when I know how to knit cuff down socks just like I want them.

Opal said...

I just know you'll beat this toe-up and I will be able to hear your cackle all the way in Hawaii. Keep at it!