Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh What FUN!

I went to dress rehearsal last night. It was so much fun. They did so well. I think the costumes turned out wonderfully. For all of you who I promised, here are the pics!!!

That gives a pretty good idea of what the pirates looked like. The pirate king is on the far right. He looks spectacular in his costume. He also did very well on all his parts.

A daughter shot. The one with her arm up is mine. She was singing one of her solos here. She did a good job tonight. Hopefully it will go as well for the rest of the performances!

Another shot of the daughters, with the two of the leads on the left. The one in the center of the trio is L again.

I can't wait to go again tonight. They sound and look awesome. Our school has some major talent I think!

I haven't done a lot of knitting. I started on the next pair of slippers for my nephew. Hopefully I will get them done by the weekend.


Shelley said...

Great pics! I'm sure they will do very well :o) You must be so proud!

Christine said...

If they sound as wonderful as they look, they will steal the show!

Catherine Kerth said...

thanks for the pics! they look wonderful! tried to get detail but it remained small :( GREAT COSTUMES! good job Lisa ;)