Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm back!

Well we got back a little ahead of schedule on Thurs. We were able to catch an earlier flight home, which saved us about 2 hours of airport waiting time - YAY! That is always the worst, getting stuck in airports when you just want to go home and smooch on your kids!

We had a really nice time. It was very relaxing, warm, and fun!

That is our ship anchored out a little. We took small tender boats off the ship to this private island in the Bahamas. The sand was so white and soft, just like baby powder. The water was so incredibly blue, and the weather was perfect that day. We just bummed on the beach for a few hours, and it was just wonderful!

I did just a little knitting on the beach, but most of the time, it just felt too hot. It was more fun to watch people and just relax!

The next day we were in Nassau. We took a ferry so we could see the giant Atlantis Hotel. That place is amazing! Huge. Beautiful. Unique. I have truly never seen anything like it. They are actually building another phase of the hotel right now, even though it is already MASSIVE! We saw their beautiful aquariums, the lobbies, casino, and some of the grounds. Those yachts parked outside were HUGE too. The whole place is truly indescribable.

All in all, it was a great trip. I really enjoyed just getting away with my wonderful hubby. :)


Opal said...

Glad to have you back. The pictures are beautiful!

Shorty said...

Congrats on the Big 2-0! You guys looks like you were having a great time. Good for you both!


Anonymous said...

Looks like heaven!

Karen said...

It looks beautiful. I am so jealous! ;)

Catherine Kerth said...

Wooo hoo! look how much fun :)