Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ready to wrap!

Well, I have some gifts finished. Now I just need to wrap them.

I put the button on my niece's purse and felted the slippers. I am sure she will really like them. Aren't they just super cute!?

I also felted the slippers for my mom and her friend. I actually like the ones with the pink stripe better. The contrast is better between colors. Lesson learned. But I know my mom won't care, and if she doesn't like them, I will just make her another pair.

Now I just need to felt two more pairs and I am done with the Christmas knitting. Next year I am definitely starting earlier. I had hoped to get a pair for each of my girls done too, but I don't think I will keep trying. I will just make them after the holidays.

Next year I think I will vary my gifts a little bit more too, so I don't have slipper burn-out! They have been a really great project to take along to volleyball games though. DD Al is playing, and it has been fun getting some gifts done while watching. Yay for multi-tasking.

How about all of you? Got all your holiday knitting done?


Diane said...

Your neice's gifts are very girlie. Very pretty. Felting is interesting because you are never quite sure how something is going to look after it's felted.

Shelley said...

Love the pics of the slippers and the slippers & purse! I haven't made felted slippers yet - might give them a try some time though.

I don't have my Christmas knitting done yet (not really a whole lot left), but will have it done for sure by Sunday so that I can take the gifts in with me to church on Sunday and give them to my friends there. I think that I'll be starting earlier for next year as well...like maybe after this Christmas! LOL!