Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They're off!

No races here. Haha I would lose. Lately I am not fast at anything.
Off as in off the needles. First up:

The easy shawl is ready to be blocked. I just pinned it out a little to show you, but I really need to run some string along each of the sides and block it that way. There are no points, so I need that string to keep it straight. I wish I had one of those boards.
Up close this yarn is so pretty. All shiny and soft. I'm not sure my blocking skills are up to par with the beauty of this stuff. We shall see I guess.
Next item off the needles:

Super easy Bearfoot socks. One down, one to go. I am doing them in a simple K6, P2 rib with my default 64 stitches. I love working with Bearfoot yarn too. So soft and cozy. I am in desperate need of another pair of brown socks. A lot of my favorite outfits right now are brown, and I only have one other pair that matches. I should have the other one done in a few days. Sorry they are not very special, and the picture is probably going to take first place in the Most Pathetic Picture Ever Awards. That color just refused to be photographed (and I was too lazy to keep messing with it on this yucky dreary day).
This is almost off:

I have almost filled my spindle, so I should probably transfer the yarn to something else. Since I have nothing proper to wind it on, I guess I will be hunting for a good old toilet paper tube. That will have to work for now. (about as super cheesy as my ultra-ugly-made-them-myself-wire-hanger-sock-blockers) I may have to invest in some real equipment soon. This half-hiney stuff gets a little embarassing.


Christine said...

Look at that beautiful handspun! Wow!
Nothing like a pair of handknitting socks either, so nice, so warm, so SPECIAL! ;)
Can't wait to see the shawl once it's finished blocking!
Um, you know....... you've been really busy! What a great job on everything!

JeanTownsend said...

very pretty!

Opal said...

You're shawl is gorgeous! And you're handspun is looking awesome!