Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sneaky knitting

Well, I am have been busy doing my sneaky Christmas knitting. (Hopefully the recipients of these gifts will not read my blog.) Now I am waiting for more wool, so I can finish my last few projects. So far I have 4 pairs of slippers done, and I am hoping to felt some of them this morning.

2 pairs of clogs, and 2 pairs of my thrown together slipper pattern.

I think some of my family and friends will have very toasty feet this winter. I can't wait to see how the stripey ones turn out. I think they're cute already, even though they are HUGE!!!

Well I am off to felt and do some holiday baking. I have at least 20 different cookie, bar, and candy recipes picked out. I just love baking at Christmas time. It is a huge tradition in our family to make tons of goodies. My mom and I have baked together for years. My sister is coming today, and hopefully my mom too. Mom can't eat much of it anymore due to health reasons, but I hope she still comes just to hang out and have fun baking with us. We give some away, take some to parties and eat the rest! Now to decide what to make first!!!! Yumm, I can't wait!


Karen said...

Wow...you have been busy. I love that felted clog pattern. I can't wait to see them all felted up! Have fun baking!

Diane said...

Everything looks great. Can't wait to see how they felt. Felting is magic!